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Handmade dresses gone missing.

By Sølvi Elise | 07/08/2014

I lost two handmades today. And I feel a little sad. Two of my concert dresses has gone missing. I brought them onboard with me on the train from Oslo to Bergen, but they were´nt there when I was leaving the train. Stealing a costume bag with unknown contents seems to me a strange move. If you are to steal things from Norwegians, there are plenty of iPhones and computers and headphones easily attainable for a nifty pickpocket. But this particular person chose to go for my costume bag instead. In it were two dresses. Two hand-stitched, thought- through, cared-for un-blogged dresses. One of the dresses is the…

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How To Make an Hawaiian Quilt.

By Sølvi Elise | 13/07/2014
hawaiian quilt delfinelise

I´ve been working a couple of weeks in a really tiny and small isolated part of Norway this summer, and so I´ve needed a portable craft that I could bring with me. I really do enjoy hand-sewing, so when I came across this Hawaiian Quilting technique on Pinterest, I was sold. There are so many beautiful patterns to be made, all of which are inspired by the Hawaiian nature. My dream is to once be able to make a king size bed spread, but thought it wise to start with something a bit simpler. So I chose this template that I found on Martha Stewart. I found the instructions…

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Me Made May 2014 – a review.

By Sølvi Elise | 09/06/2014
delfinelise memademay14

    Another Me-Made-May is over, another lesson learned. As always I had a wonderful time, enjoying the company of all the brilliant participants, and I would like to say thank you for all the lovely comments and likes I received. You guys are the bestest! In retrospect, I see that my ambitions for this month were quite high, compared to the amount of time I have on my hands. Oh, well. You live and you learn! To refresh your memory, here is my pledge: “I, Sølvi of delfinelise.com, endeavor to wear only me-mades throughout the month of May 2014 (with the exception of tights, footwear and underwear) with no repeating…

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FO: Wool Fleece Jacket

By Sølvi Elise | 07/05/2014
stil 2080 pattern vintage

Last summer we went to visit my family who have a cottage on a remote island off the coast of North-Western Norway. This is a place where summer is defined not by temperature, but by availability (the island is more or less unavailable during the winter months because of weather), so bringing some practical garments was essential. I don´t have a lot of hiking gear, and especially not any me-made. I don´t like to wear synthetic fabric, so I knew I wanted a jacket made of wool fleece. Stoff & Stil has the perfect fabric for it, and I actually bought the fabric six months before I made the…

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Tamanegi- Kobo Heather: Peace!

By Sølvi Elise | 02/05/2014

Well, as part of my MMM- pledge, I promised myself to blog about the things I wear that are previously unblogged so here we are, my first installation. There is not much more I can say about my love for the Heather, this is my fourth version, and it probably won´t be my last. What I did differently with this version, of course, is to paint a big peace sign on it. Details: Fabric: from last year solo- excursion to Goldhawk Road, it was litteraly the first place I visited in London after leaving my bag at the hotel. Obsessive… I am not certain about what this type…

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 Hi there! I´m Sølvi Elise. Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. This is a space where I share my craft projects  and thoughts and ideas concerning handmade in a consumerist world.

I live in Oslo, Norway where I use my spare time stitching up my own wardrobe. So far, I´d say that 80 % of my closet is filled with me-mades. I also have an interest in historical sewing, embroidery, knitting, crochet, leatherwork, tablet weaving, rigid heddle loom- weaving, cocktails, jewelry making, makramé, shoe making, drawing, paper craft, machine knitting and generally any craft that looks like fun.