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FO: Ginger jeans

By Sølvi Elise | 11/01/2015
delfinelise ginger jeans

Ginger Jeans from Closet Case Files. What´s left to say? Everybody´s been raving about them, and I for one knew in the instance I saw them, that I needed them. Knowing that Heather Lou makes the bestest patterns, from making a couple of Netties, I knew I was in safe hands.   The perfect fit Last year I finally understood how trousers are supposed to fit. You might think that I am a little daft for not understanding that until my 32nd year, but the reason is simple. I have always thought that fitted trousers and jeans are supposed to be slightly uncomfortable, and I have for that…

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FESA FO: The knit pencil skirt

By Sølvi Elise | 22/09/2014
delfinelise, pencil skirt, ponte knit

  Serger Love Imagine that. I have a serger again. My serger broke, slowly but steadily during the winter months, and since February I have been without. When it finally did break all together, I feared it was nothing to be done, so I delayed taking it to the shop, because I was afraid of what they would find. When I finally found the nerve to deliver it though, it took them a week, and then it was good as new! To celebrate my newly homecoming serger, I splurged on some knits. I know my last post was all about stash busting, but my knit stash was basically non-excisting,…

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Why not try and make a plan and then stick to it?

By Sølvi Elise | 30/08/2014
sewing plan delfinelise

the making of a plan I went through my yarn stash recently. Since I no longer knit much (because of some neck/back issues), I thought it wise to free up some space by letting go of some of my yarn. That felt really good. So this morning I went through my fabric stash. Now, not so long ago I went through my fabric stash and gave away lots of silks/wools/cottons that I had been saving little scraps of. So my stash does now mostly consist of actual meterage (for the most part 1 meter or more). Fabric with a plan I love my stash. It´s colorful, diverse and…

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FO: Cocoon cardigan from burdastyle easy fashion

By Sølvi Elise | 17/08/2014
cocoon jacket, delfinelise

Cocoon jacket Look what I made! On a whim, I decided that my wardrobe was in desperate need of a cocoon cardigan. Actually, from idea to finished project, I think it took less than 24 hours. That must be a new record for me. I love to plan things, and most of the things I´ve made have been planned for months. Actually, for years at times. But this project? Fast as a fox. Or a cheetah, rather.  This is the only picture that actually showed some of the cocoon-ness. My apologies for closed eyes and awkward pose. The facts Pattern: BurdaStyle Easy Fashion autumn 2013 Cocoon jacket Fabric: Navy…

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Lekala – my experience

By Sølvi Elise | 13/08/2014
lekala review delfinelise.com

First of all – thank you all for the thoughtful words regarding my missing dresses. I knew you´d understand. Still no sign of them, but if they show up, you´ll be the first to know. For the last year or so, I have more and more become smitten by Lekala, the pattern company that claims to make personalized sewing patterns. I have since December last year bought quite a few patterns, and tested different pattern types, and used them both for myself and for sewing for a friend with a different size than I. I know a lot of you are curious about Lekala, so I thought I´d…

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