2022 Year in review: The Dresses

So, I´ve not documented most anything of my makes for 2022, I think. Let me see…(goes to check IG)…that´s not entirely true, I published som pyrography and a bouncy bunch of some knits and corduroys, but apart from that – nothing. Didn´t even post anything for MeMadeMay this year. Such is my social media fatigue.…

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Back to basics

I´ve grown tired of the clutter of social media, so I am going back to basics. I am blogging again. Watch out, maybe I´ll throw in a link from Flickr, just for old times sake. Ok, that´s it for now, more to come.

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on the eve of me made may

On the eve of Me Made May 2019… The Me Made May challenge is in its tenth season. I remember when it all started, back in 2010. It was one of my first interactions with the sewing community. Can you believe it we were only around 80 members back then!  I hadn´t been sewing for…

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Springspiration & Plans 2019

Delfinelise sewing and knitting plans 2019

I recently started reading blogs again (thank goodness my old Feedly-feed was still active), and on the Sewcialists blog, I came across a link to MyBodyModel. I´ve always loved sketching out my sewing plans, and this little app makes it possible for me to make croquis much more resembeling my own body. That´s truly helpful…

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FO´s: I made some stuff

Toaster sweater pattern ny Sew House 7, made by delfinelise

So, I had a concussion. And anyone who follows Gillian would know how much “fun” that is. For me, though, the good that came out of it was that, in my loooong period of zero screen time and no work, I got to finish a pile of UFO´s, and make some new stuff to boot.…

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Oslo Frocktails 2018!

It´s finally time: Frocktails in Oslo!   Join us for an evening of chit-chat about sewing, yummy cocktails and of course an excellent opportunity to bring out that extra special handmade outfit you´ve made, but don´t get to wear as often as you like. Or why not stick to the traditional frocktail-theme, and make a…

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A handmade wardrobe?

Suddenly there were more work than I anticipated. And hence, less time for sewing. Shoulders aching. No more knitting. In April I found myself either too warm, or too cold, not having a proper spring jacket to wear. So I actually went out and bought one, actually two if we´re being honest. And I didn´t…

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#MMMAY16 – I´m in

  Hellu! Just a quick note to say – Yay! – Me Made May is soon upon us! I am having a ridiculous May this year, so will not make any pledges about documentation, but I do pledge to wear only handmades for the month of May (with some undie- exceptions from time to time).…

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Learning through blogging.


Time flies while sewing and having fun Do you knew it´s been almost ten years since I started blogging? In the beginning I wrote very random stuff in Norwegian. At the time I had only just begun to sew, and I saw myself more as a crocheter than anything else. After finding futuregirl.com, I was…

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