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FO: Marcy Tilton Vogue 8934 Coat

By Sølvi Elise | 17/12/2013

As soon as I saw this pattern, I knew this would be my next winter coat project. I have a million winter coat patterns in my stash. Some are feminine, som are boxy, some are easy, some are advanced, some are detailed, some have very little instructions. But none of them could quite match Vogue 8934.     The pattern is designed to be oversized, with dropped shoulders and a loose fit. For me it´s important to be able to wear thick sweaters, like my Aidez or my kimono sleeved cardi, underneath my winter coat, and not feel completely like an overstuffed sausage, and so Vogue 8934 fit…

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FO: BurdaStyle highwaisted pencil with pockets.

By Sølvi Elise | 05/12/2013

This skirt has been in the making (and to be honest, has been finished as well) for a while. I´ve wanted a teal pencil skirt since last year, and I bought the fabric in December a year ago. Then the fabric just layed there for a month or five, until I finally came around to make it this summer. Unfortunaltely, I didn´t really love the end result, so I chopped off some of the length, and I finally got myself a really wearable skirt that I wear alot. The fabric is cotton sateen, and it has quite a lot of stretch in it. I used BurdaStyle pattern 03-2009-104.…

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When I AM sewing…

By Sølvi Elise | 07/10/2013

So, for the last few months, I’ve been producing more than I have been documenting. consider this an update! First, I’d like to talk to you about stashbusting. Back in January, I promised myself and the Internet to do some serious stash digging, and try to use some of that stuff that’s been laying around for a while. I have been doing that, and while my results stray a bit from the original plans, I think I’ve done quite good. Especially my knits stash has felt the pressure. This picture shows my original plans, and what has become of them. All but three projects have been started in…

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Leaning in

By Sølvi Elise | 19/08/2013

There is a business advice, almost like a cliché, that suggests that one should lean into things. Instead of having everything perfect before you do things, you should start small, dipping one toe into the water at a time. And before you know it – you are accomplishing things that was out of reach before. My work schedule is getting buzy. This is of course good news, but it leaves me with less spare time. So I am leaning into blogging again by telling you about the things that occupy my mind/sewing table. I have made some progress in the Stashbusting area. I just haven't shown it to…

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When I am not sewing…

By Sølvi Elise | 09/08/2013

I accessorize. I have been making necklaces this summer. Lots and lots of necklaces. Some are bold. Some are almost fragile. I love to wear them with my Tamanegi Kobo Heather sweaters. Or paired with a simple shirt. They even inspired me to give my jewelry some more space. So, guys. What have you been up to? Been accessorizing too?

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 Hi there! I´m Sølvi Elise. Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. This is a space where I share my craft projects  and thoughts and ideas concerning handmade in a consumerist world.

I live in Oslo, Norway where I use my spare time stitching up my own wardrobe. So far, I´d say that 80 % of my closet is filled with me-mades. I also have an interest in historical sewing, embroidery, knitting, crochet, leatherwork, tablet weaving, rigid heddle loom- weaving, cocktails, jewelry making, makramé, shoe making, drawing, paper craft, machine knitting and generally any craft that looks like fun.