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London, baby!

By Sølvi Elise | 12/06/2013

So, summer is finally here, and that means the holiday is drawing closer. I will be working in July, but before that, I am going to London! The weekend, that around these parts of the world is called Midsummer (around 20th of June), I will be visiting London for the first time in YEARS. I am very excited about this, and will humbly take suggestions on where to go and what to do. One thing I am eager to see, but that I don´t know what is called or where is situated, is a fabric shop with second hand fabric. Anyone know what I am talking about? Please…

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By Sølvi Elise | 02/06/2013
Tamanegi-Kobo Heather

One of the best things about the me-made-may flickr pool, is all the new inspiration. This year quite a few members of the Japanese sewing community joined in, and brought an extra flair to the group. One pattern company that seemed to reoccur quite frequently was Tamanegi-Kobo. Tamanegi-Kobo sells PDF patterns, some have English instructions, and some don´t. The first pattern that caught my attention is only written in Japanese, but I decided to go for it anyway, as it wasn´t an overly complicated construction. Also, the diagrams and drawings in the pattern are crystal clear. I made the Heather pullover – and I love it! It´s like…

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The evolution of me-mades 2010 – 2013

By Sølvi Elise | 28/05/2013

As May 2013 is closing in on us I wanted to share some reflections about my relation to the Me Made months. My first challenge was May 2010. My very first me-made pledge was to wear one me-made or refashioned item each day  for the month of May. I think I did pretty good back then, and more importantly it was a real wake-up call  when it comes to what I make in comparison to what I wear. Here are some of my reflections from May 2010:  “Not only have I become more aware of what I really wear, I have got a lot of inspiration and feedback…

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I am a castaway!

By Sølvi Elise | 18/05/2013

I am thrilled to tell you that I am the ninth castaway on the ongoing series Desert Island Sewing over at the Scruffybadger´s place. Hop on over to read about which patterns I would bring with me to a desert island. It´s such a fun idea Ms. Scruffy has hatched, and I have enjoyed reading all the other castaways choices! What are you waiting for? Go over there, and make sure to read all the other castaways´choices as well!

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The month of May – so far.

By Sølvi Elise | 13/05/2013

    Man, do I have a backlog of FO´s to show you! But I guess, all in due time. Now it´s time for a MMM´13  recap. I am having a great time over at the Flickr pool, thoroughly enjoying everyone´s creations and getting TONS of inspiration! And with a record breaking 404 (!) members there is so much inspiration to be found! And still, I haven´t even started to talk about everyone who is tweeting and instagraming and blogging their outfits! I have told my social media researcher boyfriend and his collegues that they really should research on us – one of the few (mostly) female internet…

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 Hi there! I´m Sølvi Elise. Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. This is a space where I share my craft projects  and thoughts and ideas concerning handmade in a consumerist world.

I live in Oslo, Norway where I use my spare time stitching up my own wardrobe. So far, I´d say that 80 % of my closet is filled with me-mades. I also have an interest in historical sewing, embroidery, knitting, crochet, leatherwork, tablet weaving, rigid heddle loom- weaving, cocktails, jewelry making, makramé, shoe making, drawing, paper craft, machine knitting and generally any craft that looks like fun.