Leaning in

There is a business advice, almost like a cliché, that suggests that one should lean into things. Instead of having everything perfect before you do things, you should start small, dipping one toe into the water at a time. And before you know it – you are accomplishing things that was out of reach before.

My work schedule is getting buzy. This is of course good news, but it leaves me with less spare time. So I am leaning into blogging again by telling you about the things that occupy my mind/sewing table.

  1. I have made some progress in the Stashbusting area. I just haven't shown it to you.
  2. I buy patterns like a mad woman. And I let myslef do it. It could have been worse. It could have been shoes or cars or something. A pattern buying obsession is better than other obsessions, I guess.
  3. I had a truly wonderful time in London, meeting up with some amazing women (and some cool dudes as well).
  4. I've got two awards that I would love to reply to. Thank you, ladies!:-)
  5. I have fallen in love with Kollabora. I really hope it will become a Ravelry for sewing and other crafts. I want to try to post my FO's there in the near future.
  6. Since last time we spoke, I have made an evening gown for my mother, a dress and a skirt for a friend and a viking age costume for myself. I've been weaving a lot too.
  7. I love Deer and Doe patterns – they are just perfect!
  8. The summer in Norway has been wonderful – oh joy! The weather has been more summer dress friendly than in years.
  9. I am wondering whether blogging ever will be what it used to be – there are too many blogs to keep track of, and the format of Pinterest and Kollabora appeal more to me these days.

So, these are some of my thoughts. How about you? Are you keeping up with everything, or do you prioritize some foras over other? I would sincerily want to know.:-)

And to finish things off, here are my autumnal sewing plans:


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