A handmade wardrobe?

Suddenly there were more work than I anticipated. And hence, less time for sewing. Shoulders aching. No more knitting. In April I found myself either too warm, or too cold, not having a proper spring jacket to wear. So I actually went out and bought one, actually two if we´re being honest. And I didn´t stop there. For the first time in years, I planned and purchased several items for my wardrobe. And I´m not feeling guilty about it either. Because, guess what? Buying the things I dreaded sewing, or didn´t have time to sew, freed up time and sewjo to actually make some stuff I´ve been wanting to make. And so I made three dresses in less than a week. And I´ve been using my Fashionary again, planning the makes I want to make.

Of course I didn´t go out and frivolously buy clothes from wherever. I did check the sustainability trail of the chosen brands. And although you never can be 100% certain of a company´s CSR, a lot has happened the last couple of years. More and more brands are being more and more aware, and that is progress, even though it is moving sloooooow. The majority of my wardrobe still is, and hopefully will remain, handmade,  but actually buying some things from time to time doesn´t seem impossible any longer.

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  1. Kathryn on 20/05/2017 at 20:32

    I read this post and laughed as I did exactly the same thing this spring! I really needed some trousers for work but I’ve still never made them & the thought of trying to sew them quickly was stressing me out, so I bought some. i still plan to sew some but I’ll take my time about it and enjoy the process, hopefully.
    And wow 3 dresses in a week! those Kalle shirt dresses you’ve made are gorgeous!

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