FO´s: I made some stuff

So, I had a concussion. And anyone who follows Gillian would know how much “fun” that is. For me, though, the good that came out of it was that, in my loooong period of zero screen time and no work, I got to finish a pile of UFO´s, and make some new stuff to boot.

I had, a while back in an effort to make my sewing space more space efficient, sorted through all of my UFO´s, organized them and put them into tote bags, and labled them. Then they lay there. For months. And mind you, this is after they had been laying around for years. But then, when my energy slowly, but steadily came back, yet my eyes were having none of that screen wathching, I began to dig through my UFO pile. So the last couple of months I have finished more stuff than I have managed to wear out and about yet. Let´s organize this into a list, shant we? Yes we shall.

  1. A Fiona dress in a most glorious blue stretch denim
  2. A simple knit top, me-made pattern
  3. A woolen Nettie-top
  4. Three Toaster 1 sweaters
  5. A giant lined parka, pattern is BurdaStyle
  6. A pair of dress trousers for my sister (no photo)
  7. A mending pile of my partners stuff
  8. A mending pile of my own stuff
  9. A V1460 Badgley Mischka dress I was supposed to wear as a Christmas dress in 2017
  10. Another red knit dress, my own design
  11. A pair of Ginger jeans in Cone Mills stretch denim
  12. A silk Sorbetto
  13. A yellow silk Burdastyle blouse
  14. A machine knit pencil skirt
  15. A chambray pencil skirt, my own design
  16. A pair of green corduroy Persephone trousers
  17. A pair of Hudsons for running
  18. A pair of Carolyn pajamas (not seen, because in the washer, because I use them ALL the time)

A total of 20. If we count the piles of mending as one each. And we are. Apart from this, my main source of distraction was my knitting machine. Lots of trial and error. Mostly error. But someday I´ll have something more than a pencil skirt to show. I hope. I think.

There were also a lot of napping going on. Lots of it. And when awake, and occationally whilst asleep, I listened to either the Judge John Hodgman podcast, or a Miss Marple audiobook. So there you have it, my last couple of months summed up. Just to round off a rather gloomy winter, I now, after a couple of weeks of migraine headaches and general back/neck pain because of all the non-motion of my concussion period, have the flu. But look at me – I am blogging! That´s something, right? So what comes next? Well, naturally, planning my spring wardrobe. Can´t wait to share what I have in store. Stay tuned!

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