Spring is in the air. Although there might be a couple of months still before the leaves on the trees will start to show up, it definately is time for some spring sewing planning. Of course, I´ve had my Springspiration board on Pinterest for months, so I am not completely unprepared.

delfinelise.com palette


As you might see from my blog design, hot pink is on my mind. Together with neutrals like chocolate brown, grayish blues, white and black, I am looking forward to a sleek looking spring. Of course, there will be some exceptions, like the crazy print dress I am making for Sew Dolly Clackett, or the bright yellow pencil skirt I am about to finish.


As some of you might have noticed from IG and Twitter, I have a crush on Lekala Patterns at the moment. Lekala is just bursting with fabulous patterns, and team that with their amazing pattern making skills, I will overlook the tedious PDF pattern assembling and the somewhat cryptic instructions, and just enjoy unique and perfectly fitted garments made just for me without worrying about FBA´s or other boring fitting issues.

I will also do a couple of indies, more specifically BHL´s Anna and probably some Deer & Doe. I love their new shorts, and would like to make another Plantain. Oh, and I would LOVE to make Sewaholic´s Gabriola. It really is the perfect maxi skirt.


I´ve recently been on a couple of trips to Paris and London, and stocked up on some excellent fabric, so I am all set on that front, maybe with the exception of some fun print for the Gabriola. I made a floaty maxi last year in a rayon, and would love to make another one in a different colorway.


So, the ideas for garments are:

  1. Floaty wide legged hot pink trousers. I bought the fabric last year, and might use a Burda pattern I already have, or possibly Vogue 8604 or Lekala 4024.
  2. Fitted grey jacket and dress. I have been watching a lot of Washington DC based series this winter and a sleek House of Cards-sih style wouldn´t be all wrong, in my opinion.
  3. I would love to use the Anna dress pattern for something like the black maxi you see below.
  4. A black suit would be cool. Maybe use a cotton sateen fabric, and a Lekala jacket pattern toghether with  Named´s Jamie Jeans
  5. A chocolate brown short dress. Again from Lekala (I told you I was hooked).
  6. And maybe some fun skirts. Who knows?

As always with sewing plans, not all of these garments will see the light of day on this side of the summer. But I really don´t mind. I know some people get stressed out of realizing that not all plans will come to life. But I don´t bother worrying about that. I think that fantasy planning and actually finishing garments are equally fun!

6 Responses to Springspirations

  1. Kathryn says:

    I love the sound of your spring sewing plans! Great colour choices too – I’ve also got quite a bit of pink planned for this spring, so far no hot pink though as I’m trying to sew from my stash. That black dress with the embroidery is gorgeous!

    • Sølvi says:

      Oh, more pink – you look great in that so hurrah for pink! :) And you are a very good seamstress for sewing from stash.:-)

  2. Sarah says:

    Hot pink floaty pants!!! I love that idea so much and hope you make them :) That maxi dress is just stunning!

    I’m so glad you’re joining Sew Dolly Clackett and am eagerly looking forward to seeing what you make.

  3. Jill says:

    Ohhhh, that black floral dress-gorgeous! I actually pinned that dress for sewing inspiration a long time ago, it’s one of my favorites. I’ll be on the look out for your finished Anna, then!

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Keen on some very retro sewing? I´m guest blogging!

If you want to know more about the Vikings and how they dressed, head on over to the Sewcialists HQ – I´ve written a blog post about it as part of the Shieldmaiden Sewalong. Finally – all the knowledge I´ve acquired as a museum guide comes to use for something else. Enjoy! …oh, and there´sContinue Reading…

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Deer and Doe Airelle

The last thing I finished in 2013 was a Deer and Doe Airelle. Since May I have been falling more and more for Deer and Doe´s pattern line. Apart from the fact that the designs are trés chic and very well made, the ones I have made (Datura, Belladonne and Airelle) all go easy onContinue Reading…

4 Responses to Deer and Doe Airelle

  1. Kathryn says:

    Hi Solvi, these are both lovely! I particularly love the pintucks you’ve added to your teal version.

  2. Kirsty says:

    The fit is great and like Kathryn, I really love those pintucks.

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FO: Marcy Tilton Vogue 8934 Coat

As soon as I saw this pattern, I knew this would be my next winter coat project. I have a million winter coat patterns in my stash. Some are feminine, som are boxy, some are easy, some are advanced, some are detailed, some have very little instructions. But none of them could quite match VogueContinue Reading…

6 Responses to FO: Marcy Tilton Vogue 8934 Coat

  1. Dilly says:

    This is wonderful! I think this shape is so flattering, and as you say, it’s super practical for layering with winter jumpers whilst still being comfortable. I’ve been putting off sewing a coat because I bought one almost identical to yours three years ago and couldn’t imagine any better coat! You’ll get a lot of wear from this!

    • Sølvi says:

      Thank you! I love the fact that I can put on anything underneath, it´s so new still, that I catch myself smiling evrytime I reach for one of my thicker sweaters and put this coat on top. :-)

  2. crab&bee says:

    Your coat is so stylish! The darted hem is really interesting. I can see why you were drawn to it. And I had to laugh when I read what you wrote about the design that was meant to appeal to Marcy Tilton fans!

    • Sølvi says:

      Thank you! I really love the darts, such an easy way to make something a little bit different. I love Marcy Tilton’s craftmanship, but her design choices aren’t always on the top of my list. Although I do appreciate the effort and energy that goes into that kind of work as well.:-)

  3. Kirsty says:

    I really love the shape of this…thanks for the tip on the length..it sits perfectly on you.

  4. Debbie says:

    I love it. I agree it it is so nice to have a coat you can wear over heavy sweaters and cardigans. XX

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FO: BurdaStyle highwaisted pencil with pockets.

By the way, I´ve changed a little on the blog design, I hope you´ll like it!    

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When I AM sewing…

So, for the last few months, I’ve been producing more than I have been documenting. consider this an update! First, I’d like to talk to you about stashbusting. Back in January, I promised myself and the Internet to do some serious stash digging, and try to use some of that stuff that’s been laying aroundContinue Reading…

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Leaning in

There is a business advice, almost like a cliché, that suggests that one should lean into things. Instead of having everything perfect before you do things, you should start small, dipping one toe into the water at a time. And before you know it – you are accomplishing things that was out of reach before.Continue Reading…

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When I am not sewing…

I accessorize. I have been making necklaces this summer. Lots and lots of necklaces. Some are bold. Some are almost fragile. I love to wear them with my Tamanegi Kobo Heather sweaters. Or paired with a simple shirt. They even inspired me to give my jewelry some more space. So, guys. What have you beenContinue Reading…

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London, baby!

So, summer is finally here, and that means the holiday is drawing closer. I will be working in July, but before that, I am going to London! The weekend, that around these parts of the world is called Midsummer (around 20th of June), I will be visiting London for the first time in YEARS. IContinue Reading…

6 Responses to London, baby!

  1. Kathryn says:

    Hello! That’s exciting you’re coming to London! I read about a vintage fabric shop on Cheshire st in the east end of London and i still haven’t been so if you happen to be visiting at a weekend I’d love to go with you. I’ll drop you an email. Here’s some information on the >a href=”http://www.thevintageguidetolondon.com/vintage-fabrics-head-shop/”>shop and there’s a good guide to London fabric shopping here from Yes I like That’s blog.

    • Sølvi says:

      That´s awesome -thanks for the tips – I´ll love to meet up over the weekend, so just drop me a line about when you are available, and we could go together. :-)

  2. Merche says:

    omg!Really? I´ll be there for a week with my mum and daughter but in August! Keep us informed about your trip to London, what you liked best, etc Alright?!!

    • Sølvi says:

      Yup – I´m so excited – already planning some meet-ups and some fabric excursions. Can´t wait. I definitely will keep you informed! :-)

  3. Zoe says:

    Hope your holiday is great! I don’t live in London, but I do know of a London fabric shopping guide:

    Hope that can help you.

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One of the best things about the me-made-may flickr pool, is all the new inspiration. This year quite a few members of the Japanese sewing community joined in, and brought an extra flair to the group. One pattern company that seemed to reoccur quite frequently was Tamanegi-Kobo. Tamanegi-Kobo sells PDF patterns, some have English instructions,Continue Reading…

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