Summer Essentials Sew-Along: Pool pretty

Sooo, I´m thinking about making a one-piece. Not only sew it, but construct it from the instructions from patternschool.  I want to make this groovy looking halterneck suit, AND I found the most perfect fabric at Beyond Retro in Stockholm. I only hope that the fabric I found is big enough for the pattern. Rye and…

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My new relationship.

Knitted dress Garnstudio

Woohoo! I´ve finished my knitted/crocheted dress! Last autumn I started a new relationship. We were wise and took things quite slow during the first couple of months, but as spring came around, we became more serious, and I can now make it official; we are going steady, knitting and I. For a long time I was…

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Summer Essentials Sew-Along: The Patrones Skirt

Patrones skirt

So, I´ve made a skirt. I bought the Patrones mag on monday, I traced and cut out the pattern pieces on wednesday, placed it onto a couple of my darlings worn-out jeans. It didn’t fit. So I thought to myself that I could make it out of a piece of striped fabric I had laying around. Yesterday…

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Summer Essentials Sew Along

Ali of the  wardrobe, reimagined has now officially announced the start of the summer sew-along. I, off course,  immediately started to think about what I should make, and I made a sketch early this morning. Ali has suggested five essential garments for us to sew: Something pool – friendly – perhaps some kind of swimwear,…

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Me-Made-May: The Last Week

So, when I am writing this, May is officially over. Its weird, it really felt like I was cheating when I put on other-made clothes this morning. I am truly pleased with the outcome of this months project. Not only have I become more aware of what I really wear, I have got a lot…

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Me-Made-May: the third week

Day twenty-one nighttime

Wow! May flies by so fast. What to do when June comes around? I have no idea. Or actually I do. I have started on a new project. I am organizing my wardrobe. There are some great topics on the discussion board over at Me-Made-May Flickr Group, and I have got a lot of inspiration for how I will…

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Me-Made-May: the second week

Day ten

As summer finally arrived I found it both more easy, and more difficult to find something to wear. I have a lot of clothes, sundresses and skirts for the summer, but not all of them are appropriate for daily use, some are too up-dressed, and some are too “beachy”. I made a couple of new items this…

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Thrift & the City

Thrift shopping

A couple of days ago I went out on a thrift shopping round. Wow, did I get lucky! I found fabrics for a whole bunch of fun summer projects, and some for the autumn as well. This plaid fabric is an old bed sheet that at the moment is cut, and is to become a pair…

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I´m so exited! After buying a couple of patterns over at Colette patterns, and reading their blog, I found Zoe´s blog and her fantastic challenge. Every day in May she will (and now I will and a bunch of other crafters will) try to wear something self-made every day of the month of May. I´m…

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You make the challenge harder, ModCloth.

I challenged myself in January not to buy any clothing this year. It has worked really well, but when I find stores like this it off course get harder. There are so many beautiful pieces over there at ModCloth. A lot of great talent! It makes me happy just window shopping. So I guess it…

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