Summer Essentials Sew-Along: The Patrones Skirt

So, I´ve made a skirt. I bought the Patrones mag on monday, I traced and cut out the pattern pieces on wednesday, placed it onto a couple of my darlings worn-out jeans. It didn’t fit. So I thought to myself that I could make it out of a piece of striped fabric I had laying around.

Yesterday I went to my local fabric supplier, for some notions and stuff, and right there in the pile of denim scraps, I saw the perfect piece for my skirt. So I had to buy it, in spite of the striped fabric I could have used. Oh, well. I cut out the pieces and sewed together most of the skirt yesterday, and finished it today. It went quite well, exept for the fact that I sewed my sewing machine foot into the garment. Twice.

The most difficult part of this was the fact that the pattern was in Spanish, and I don´t speak a word Spanish… and the translation through mostly didn’t make any sense at all. So instead of being smart, and pull out the description for one of my other skirts with pockets (I have about a million of those kind of patterns), I freestyled my way into the project. This off course resulted in some crazy flaws, for instance, the pocket edge is supposed to line with a seam in the back, but I didn’t sew the pocket in place, which gave my pockets small “horns” that I now like a lot – I think they bring something to the design, actually!

This is the first Patrones pattern I use, and except for the part that I don´t understand Spanish, I must say I really liked it a lot. The pattern sheets are manageable- not as big as the huge Burda sheets, and that´s a great advantage. I really love many of the designs in Patrones, they seem more carefully designed and thought-through than other patterns. They really pay attention to detail.

The sizing were quite alright for me, a 44 was a bit big, but I could easily adjust that while sewing.

Edit June 6th: The sizing wasn’t at all alright for me, 44 is way too big, as I didn´t take into consideration a little thing called stretch… So I will have to modify this skirt some more…

The original pattern called for a lining, but as I am sewing this skirt for the summer, the thought of both dark, navy blue denim – and a lining- was a bit too much for me, so I skipped it. To make the skirt a bit more fun, I added some striped quilted cotton as lining in the pockets and at the hem. It turned out quite alright I think. I´m lying. I love how it turned out, and I can´t wait to wear it!

Sorry for the lousy photos, I was so eager to show this off that I couldn’t wait until the morning to take the pictures…;-)

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  1. Ali on 05/06/2010 at 04:35

    Beautiful, Solvi! Classy and playful with the stripes. And kudos for doing a pattern in Spanish (I’ll have to check out Patrones).

  2. admin on 05/06/2010 at 12:43

    Thanks, Ali! Patrones patterns are really wonderful- you should absolutely check them out. Don´t know how available they are in the US, though, but this is the website (the only one I´ve found anyway…):

  3. Ginette on 28/05/2011 at 18:55

    Great! Just wanted to say that I’ve compiled a list 1,000 Spanish-English terms and phrases commonly found in Patrones magazine. Hope you’ll find it useful for your projects!

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