Vogue 2960 – The Rosie dress

Vogue 2960

I did a wedding job a couple of weeks ago, and the couple wanted a fifties flair to their wedding, so we played old classics like That´s Amore, Mambo Italiano and a lot of Sinatra classics. Just look at Rosemary Clooney in this video. She is fantastic! (Did you know – she was the aunt…

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Meet the Hepburns.

Sarah of Rhinestones and Telephones is hosting a sew-along, and as I have become addicted to sew-alongs these past couple of months, I joined her! Thanks, Sarah! The project is to sew up some items this autumn with the inspiration from Audrey and Katharine Hepburn. I´ve always been a huge Katharine Hepburn fan, and I…

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I really want a new sewing machine… and a serger.

I know, it´s a bit greedy to wish for both a new sewing machine and a serger at the same time, but you see, I´m redecorating my studio/workspace and everything is turning out so lovely, except for the fact that my sewing machine is rubbish. The thing is, I needed a quick fix. And, as…

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Summer Essentials Sew-Along: an update

Beignet in White

So, I´ve been away for a while, enjoying the summer in Norway. I have been finishing some more of my SESA- items, but unfortunately not all. I am still working on the swimsuit and the more evening appropriate things. I am almost finished with a knit cardigan, but only almost. The last bit is soooo…

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SESA update and out of office notice.

Hello! Just a quick note to say I won´t be blogging as regularly as I have the last couple of months. I´m staying at this place: It is beautiful here, but the internet connection is fairly slow. Oh well, the lack of internet is compensated with a lovely view! I have finished my capris for…

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Summer Essentials Sew-Along: The Casey Top

Crochet lace edge top

I take no cred for this top. Or not for the design, anyway… The design is all thanks to this post by the lovely Casey. I saw the top and thought, hey! I want to do that too! So I bought some cotton voile and found a perfect pattern for the crochet at mypicot (what…

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Summer Essentials Sew-Along: The Sundress 1

Simplicity 2362

Traditionally, I´ve been a skirt-sewing gal. I have made a million skirts, and when Me-Made-May came around I found that I really didn´t have much else, so now I´m sewing up mostly tops and dresses (although I can´t resist Beignet, and it is already cut…). The latest result of this is Simplicity 2362, or the…

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The princess

Slip pattern Alt om HĂĄndarbeide

Yesterday, we went to two of my favorite stores, IKEA and Stoff & Stil. While IKEA needs no further presentation, I might explain that Stoff & Stil is one of the largest fabric stores in Scandinavia and I usually go there once a year (so this is a major event as you all can understand).…

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Hello, my name is Ceylon.


So, I took some time yesterday and finished Ceylon. It was so much fun sewing this! I love how everything just came together with this one, the instructions were easy to follow, and even though there are quite a bit of parts and pieces and details with this, I never felt lost thanks to the great instructions.…

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Summer Essentials Sew-Along: Clam Diggers & Co.

There´s been a change of plans, or really, there´s been an addition to the SESA. As I started looking for a great pattern for the jacket, the thought of a coordinated suit occurred to me. Now, this is something I have never owned. A suit seems very adult to me, but I will turn thirty next year,…

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