Me-Made-May: the second week

As summer finally arrived I found it both more easy, and moreĀ difficult to find something to wear. I have a lot of clothes, sundresses and skirts for the summer, but not all of them are appropriate for daily use, some are tooĀ up-dressed, and some are too “beachy”.

Day ten

I made a couple of new items this week, mostly tops, as I absolutely needed something new in that part of my wardrobe. Still, I canĀ“t seem to make things that really goes with the rest of my wardrobe.

Day twelve

I loved MenaĀ“s idea of planning a perfect wardrobe, and filling in the blanks as she goes. Maybe thatĀ“s an idea for me? We discussed it in the Flickr group as well, and I must say that there is a lot of great ideas and thought going on over there.

Day fourteen

All in all, the second week went quite well, I think – and now closing in on week three, I really feel that thisĀ challengeĀ has made me re-think my whole sewing process. Fun!

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