Refashioning and the finishing of a jacket (or two)

Burda Easy Fashion autumn 2005

Since I came back to Uppsala, I first thought that I was super prepared for SSS. Now that September is here, I see that I have mistaken a closet full of self-made items with a closet full of useful autumn-y clothes. So, I have been doing some refashioning and some finishing of old UFO´s and…

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Summer Essentials Sew Along

Ali of the  wardrobe, reimagined has now officially announced the start of the summer sew-along. I, off course,  immediately started to think about what I should make, and I made a sketch early this morning. Ali has suggested five essential garments for us to sew: Something pool – friendly – perhaps some kind of swimwear,…

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Me-Made-May: The Last Week

So, when I am writing this, May is officially over. Its weird, it really felt like I was cheating when I put on other-made clothes this morning. I am truly pleased with the outcome of this months project. Not only have I become more aware of what I really wear, I have got a lot…

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Me-Made-May: the third week

Day twenty-one nighttime

Wow! May flies by so fast. What to do when June comes around? I have no idea. Or actually I do. I have started on a new project. I am organizing my wardrobe. There are some great topics on the discussion board over at Me-Made-May Flickr Group, and I have got a lot of inspiration for how I will…

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Me-Made-May: the second week

Day ten

As summer finally arrived I found it both more easy, and more difficult to find something to wear. I have a lot of clothes, sundresses and skirts for the summer, but not all of them are appropriate for daily use, some are too up-dressed, and some are too “beachy”. I made a couple of new items this…

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Spring – where are you?

Spring dresses!

Alright so the sun is shining today, and the birds are singing and flowers are blossoming, but still I miss that  spring feel. You know, a warm breeze that makes you want to be outside all day. I still miss that. We have only had a few days like that for the last couple of weeks. I…

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Me-made-May: the first week

So the first week of Me-Made-May has passed, and I must say, it has worked remarkably well.On day three and on day six I had some trouble, as the outfits I was going to wear in one way or another didn´t work. First, on day three the new black skirt I had made the previous…

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