The princess

Yesterday, we went to two of my favorite stores, IKEA and Stoff & Stil.
The princess dress

While IKEA needs no further presentation, I might explain that Stoff & Stil is one of the largest fabric stores in Scandinavia and I usually go there once a year (so this is a major event as you all can understand).

Among others I bought this fabric:
The princess dress

It´s a sandwashed silk and I bought a meter to make this one:
The princess dress

The pattern is from a 1980 issue of the Norwegian magazine Alt om Håndarbeide. I really needed a new slip, as the ones I already have don´t have quite the right fit.

I LOVE the whole slip idea. Why would anyone not wear a slip underneath a dress or skirt (if it´s not properly lined, off course or it perhaps is more of a lounge wear type of  garment) ? Everyone and everything looks SOOO much better with an extra layer between skin and fabric. The ladies back in the days had it right all along, I say, with all their crazy undergarments (the comfortable ones, anyhow…).

The instructions told me to baste the whole thing together, try it on, make any adjustments and then sew it together.
The princess dress
And so I did.
The princess dress

I usually don´t bother basting everything first, but as this was supposed to have such a close fit, I thought it was wise.

I cut the dress on the bias, to give it more elastics. I needed to make some adjustments, and then stitch it up . The whole project was done in one evening, including hand stitching the hem with the help of this instruction (in Norwegian):
The princess dress

Here you have the hem:
The princess dress

And this is the finished piece:
The princess dress The princess dress

Next up is a tulle petticoat. Yey!

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  1. Ali on 30/06/2010 at 20:07

    It’s gorgeous! I agree on slips — I always feel so much sexier and confident whenever I have an excuse to wear one. Nice work 🙂

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