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FESA FO: The knit pencil skirt


Burdastyle pencil skirt

Serger Love

Imagine that. I have a serger again. My serger broke, slowly but steadily during the winter months, and since February I have been without. When it finally did break all together, I feared it was nothing to be done, so I delayed taking it to the shop, because I was afraid of what they would find. When I finally found the nerve to deliver it though, it took them a week, and then it was good as new!

To celebrate my newly homecoming serger, I splurged on some knits. I know my last post was all about stash busting, but my knit stash was basically non-excisting, and so I decided to get some nice and warm knits for fall.

First Fall Make

My first make this autumn was this pretty and practical pencil skirt, the pattern is BurdaStyle 07-2012-120. It´s a pattern I have made once before, and the skirt I made then has seen lots of wear.

An old trusty friend

Since I had made this once before, I pretty much knew what to expect. The biggest difference is of course my fabric choice. While my last version was in a steady cotton sateen without any stretch (from Offset Warehouse), this version, I made in a ponte double knit I found at Rainbow Tekstil here in Oslo. This particular fabric had a high viscose rayon content compared to polyester, which is something I prefer. The lower poly-content, the better, in my opinion.



Curved darts

My favorite part of this skirt pattern is perhaps the front darts. They are as you can see from the tech- drawing, and not so much in the bright sunlight in the picutre above, curved. This makes for a particularly flattering waist design, in my opinion.


Woven fabric pattern for knits

I really wanted the structure and stability that I love in a woven garment, all tangled up with the cosy-ness and comfort you get with a knit. That´s why I chose a pattern for wovens, with darts and a back seam, instead of just stitching up a tube, although it would have been easier.



To conclude – this is a new favorite! It´s perfect for biking, it´s warm and cozy but at the same time elegant enough for work. Since the pictures were taken, I have made one slight adjustment, and that is to take it in a pinch in the waistline, as it was little too big. How is your September sewing coming along?


8 Responses to FESA FO: The knit pencil skirt

  1. Ooh lovely autumn colour Solvi! It looks great too. I like the idea of using a woven pattern for a knit to get a better shape & fit. I haven’t done much sewing recently except one jersey pencil skirt which sadly went bobbly straight away – think I need to invest in some low poly content ponte too!

    • Thanks, Kathryn. The color was what drew me to this fabric in the first place. Sorry about the bobbly-ness in your skirt, I made one in a knit that was too thin once, but I now use it as a slip for other knit skirts, so it didn´t turn out all that bad after all. 🙂

  2. Stunning! And ponte double knit – delicious! I have a length of red ponte to make a Lady Skater dress.

    You look fabulous, of course, and are perfectly right about those really cool curved darts. What an interesting design feature 🙂

    • Thank you! Love to see your Lady Skater stitched up, I´ve made it once, but found it wasn´t for me, regardless of all the beautiful versions that are out there. For me, the Renfrew neckline works better than the one on the Lady Skater. Also, I made it in a rayon jersey that was too slippery for the skirt. It is definitely a good pattern though, and using ponte for it is an excellent idea! 🙂

  3. oh la la!! you look stunning! and i love the cut adn darts on this skirt. burda does have some gems… you did an amazing job with the fitting, and the lenght is perfect. super classy, even styled so casually like you did!

    • Thank you! I am a big time burda fan, and this one is a favorite. Actually, I made up another version right after this one, so now I have three. 🙂

  4. Ooooh, I like this, it’s gorgeous and looks fantastic on you! Great colour, and I bet it’s so cosy as a knit

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9 Responses to Why not try and make a plan and then stick to it?

  1. Hooray! I love sewing plans! I find I end not making anything wearable if I don’t use a plan. Your fabrics are lovely – what a rich, delightful colour scheme.

    So happy you’re joining FESA this year!

  2. Oooh, exciting plans! I’ve just about put together a plan for the pieces I want to make over autumn and winter, although how many I’ll get done remains to be seen!

  3. I like you idea tha Plan can be just a way for inspiration!! I am going to look through my stash and make my warm sewing plan too! But I should finish some summer stuff before(even if summer is almost done).

    • Hey! I found your replies in the spam filter. So sorry about that, sometimes Akismet is working too hard, I guess…
      I am looking forward both to seeing your finished summer sewing, and your winter plans. 🙂

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6 Responses to Fall Essentials Sew Along: The Summary

  1. You are a brilliant seamstress, knitter, and all around crafty person! I’ve so enjoyed seeing your progress – you are so inspiring!

    I’ve trimmed down my list dramatically, too, and my summary post will be coming along next week. 🙂

  2. I agree very inspiring….any one who can make a plan or list and even partially stick to it I admire!! I am not so organised.I just love the cloche hat..truly superb!!

  3. I love your FESA items, Solvi! Thanks for participating!
    I’ve decided to stretch my FESA plan into winter, since it was pretty flexible to start with, anyway, I’m pretty sure I’ll be itching to start spring sewing in mid-February at the latest… 😉

  4. I like the FESA items you made Solvi. Especially the jersey dress and I can see why you wear it a lot. Maybe the silk blouse is going to come into use more in spring. Love the hats too. x

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FESA: The corduroy pants

Edit: I had no idea, but a post over at the Coletterie stated that it is Corduroy Appreciation Day today! Fitting, no? So, I finally finished my corduroy pants! I´ve been wanting to make a rust colored pair since seeing Carolyn´s version. I have already told you about the beginnings of these pants, so here comes the finished… Continue Reading…

15 Responses to FESA: The corduroy pants

  1. They look good Solvi. I love the rust colour and it goes well with the turquoise top. A splash of brightness for winter!

    • Good point, Alana. Another argument for always sew side zips (or back zips are alright too, I guess…)

  2. They look fab! I love the rust corduroy. I especially like the seaming at the bottom– looks great with your lace up boots. I’m going to have to try out a Burda trouser pattern. I hear people say that they are drafted well.

  3. They seem to fit perfectly, and I love how you styled them with ankle boots and the bright top.

  4. They look lovely on you! I really like the rest of that outfit, too. Teal really is your color and the scarf and shoes are pretty!

  5. They must be the most stylish pair of cords ever. The shape really suits you and they look perfect cosy winter wear. Im enjoying the fruity colour too! Great vision- totally worked.

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11 Responses to FESA update: The jersey dress

  1. This is one of those dresses that looks so much better on than in the technical drawing. I love how you styled it so many different ways!

  2. The dress looks nice in all the different styles and I agree with Sigrid that it looks better than in the drawing.The colour looks gorgeous!
    So pleased that you found a copy of the Perry Ellis skirt too!

  3. The dress looks great – I love the colour on you and the versatility. I like the collage too. I can see this being a winter wardrobe staple.

  4. Knit dress love – and the color is great! I’ve had in mind something similar for a polka dot jersey I recently got. I’ll have to check if I own the Burda issue…

  5. Wow! This dress is definitely a winner. I love all the “versions” of your collage, it was a great idea. Fabulous!

  6. Knit dresses are one of my fav things and yours looks great. I love the different ways you’ve styled your dress, looks like you’ll get plenty of wear out of it.

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A FESA update, a refashion and the pants that almost didn´t come to be.

First of all, thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my last post, it prompted me to make another refashion of a shirt! This time a less radical change, I just wanted one of my darlings old crisp white shirts to fit me instead of him. The shirt tucked into the wool… Continue Reading…

9 Responses to A FESA update, a refashion and the pants that almost didn´t come to be.

  1. Solvi, you look stunning as always! What a classy white shirt (and you’re making me yearn to finally try V8604) and all of these fabulous pants!! Love that mustard, so classy, so Marilyn! 😉

  2. First of all, I love your new white blouse refashion [Note to self: Must snatch one of Mr. Stitch’s shirts for myself]. Second, I really like both your pants, especially the wool ones. I’m in awe of accomplished sewists like you who can so competently fit pants. They look great on you.

  3. Love, love, love the new white shirt! I need to go hunting in Mr. Friday’s closet to find one for me! The shorts are terrific and so are the pants!! They look great on you and at first I thought they were Colette Patterns’ Clover! Well done!

  4. The white shirt looks very good with the black trousers. So glam! I admired your shorts in September. And the mustard ones are fabulous – what a great photo of you.

  5. Wow a trouser-a-thon!! The vogues are so classy, and look great with the White shirt. All the reiterations through muslin and shorts to get to your nubby wool mustard trousers show amazing skill to get such a range of wearable beauties. The mustards are very nice- great that you were able to save them.

  6. Oooh, those tweed trousers that nearly weren’t are stunning! What pattern did you use to make them in the end? xxx

  7. Thanks all for the lovely comments!

    @Zoe: I used a pattern from Burda.It´s pattern 117-2009-03.:-)

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11 Responses to An ode to the half-circle skirt.

  1. What a beautiful skirt!! You’re absolutely right – it suits your perfectly and what a bonus not having to alter it! 🙂

  2. Interesting! I guess I never thought about it, but you’re right. Circle skirts are pretty, but I find them kind of excessive because of all the fabric required. Your half-circle is very flattering!

  3. Hooray for finding a cut that flatters you (and, I imagine, is easy to make, though you’re a pro anyway 🙂 The full circle would overwhelm me and I’ve been curious about the half circle in my search for drapey, full, but figure flattering skirt (for me, that’s fitted waist-hip). Looking forward to seeing that plaid skirt!

  4. How interesting …. the half circle it might be then? It certainly looks good on you. I have recently bought some tartan (with no particular pattern in mind) & am wondering whether I should have bought enough for a circle skirt & have been checking out Casey’s sewalongers wondering if it is for me. I do however think it would over emphasise my hips. So, back (full circle) to where I started, maybe half circle is the answer. I’ll look forward to what your check half circle looks like now!!

  5. It looks great on you! I think both circle and half circle skirts have something going for them (mostly because sometimes, I just really want to wear a petticoat) but I think most of the time, I prefer the half circle version, too. It also works really nicely in jersey – my favorite jersey dresses have half-circles for the skirt part, which makes them swooshy and flattering at the same time!

  6. What a great find, it looks fab on you! I agree with Alessa. I think both skirts have a place and I love them both but I do prefer the half circle as there’s less fabric sitting over my curvy shape.

  7. I am with everyone here that the half circle is wonderfully flattering and still suitably swishy due to its being cut on the bias.Nice find!

  8. Ooh, that thrifted skirt looks amzing on you! Excellent finding lady! Can’t wait to see your plaid version, I bet it’s going to be wonderful xxx

  9. I´m loving that there are more than me who are thinking about the half- circle. Here´s to swooshyness! 🙂

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Autumnal sewing plans

When Sarah, Alessa and Ali announced a Fall Essential Sew Along, and doing so by using alliterations like Fashionable Foundations for Frosty Weather  and Chic Chemises for Cool Climates, I knew I had to join. Now, I am trying to keep the selfish sewing limited, so I get more time to sew for others, but some things… Continue Reading…

11 Responses to Autumnal sewing plans

  1. I still haven’t planned my fall sewing! Which is kinda funny, since I’m co-hosting FESA, isn’t it? 😉 Ah, I have some time tomorrow, maybe I’ll manage then… I know I want to make a knit dress or two, and maybe a shirt dress…

  2. What a terrific plan and palette!! I have houndstooth in my stash that I really want to use, too. 🙂 I’m happy you’ve joined FESA 🙂

  3. What a fun palette with a gorgeous mix- I think the yellow silk is the business. I like that you’ve chosen a hat- reminding me to dig out my winter accessory making patterns. Looking forward to following your progress. And I think I might be attempting to knit the same cardi but being such a novice I expect it’ll not be ready this year!!!

  4. Great autumn plan. I like the colour palette. The dresses look great, simple shapes. I am impressed you are going to make a hat. I am making autumn plans but haven’t blogged them yet.

  5. I like your pattern and fabric choices very much, especially the hat. I look forward to seeing how everyone in the FESA group does over the next few weeks.


  6. Love your plans! I hope to keep up with the sewalong, I need some fall staples! I’m glad you like my shorts, I plan to use the pattern for some trousers next!

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