Can I make a jacket in three days?

June is drawing closer, and I still don´t have an appropriate me-made jacket for unreliable scandinavian summers. One of the first things I´ll be doing this June is to visit my parents in law up north in the country. All though it´s supposed to be beautiful there this time of year, with long days and short nights (Sun set at 22.30 and rise at 03.00), I suspect that the evenings might be chilly. If the weather is nice we are going for a boat ride as well, and then a windproof jacket will be necessary!

So here is my plan. I have this pattern:

Stil 2080

Stil 2080.

There are 8 pieces to this pattern, so it should be fairly easy to put together. I´m using a red, white and blue color combo for a nautical feel.

Stil 2080

This is my design idea.

Apart from cutting out the pattern pieces and stitch together the whole darn thing, I have to grade the pattern as well. Though the upper bust measurement is correct for this pattern, the waist and hip measurements are way off.

So, do you think I can do it? I´ll check back with you a couple of times in the next few days to tell you how I´m doing. Now – off to the sewing (aka dining room) table!


Stil 2080

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  1. I love time-challenges!! I’m in your corner, I think you can do it and the finished jacket will look utterly, completely chic. Can a windbreaker be chic? Damn right. 🙂

  2. Oh, is that a newn blog design I see? Very pretty, I like that you’re showing off your sketches! Good luck with the jacket! I’m sure you can do it but, as always when sewing with a deadline, remember to take breaks! 🙂

  3. How exciting! Grading, ?strange fabric and a vintage pattern. I love the sense of challenge. You can do it! Look forward to seeing the end result!!

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