The Answer: Yes.

It seems that, indeed, I can make a jacket in three days. I just layed the finishing touches on my jacket, and I promise you I will fill you in in more details when my head gets better, but for now a sneek peek:

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The Jacket: Day One

So, part of the reason I have some time on my hands is that I have a headache and a cold and have to stay away from the computer, so I write to you from my iPhone making it short and sweet. Thanks for the encouraging comments, you want to see some progress pics? Here…

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Can I make a jacket in three days?

June is drawing closer, and I still don´t have an appropriate me-made jacket for unreliable scandinavian summers. One of the first things I´ll be doing this June is to visit my parents in law up north in the country. All though it´s supposed to be beautiful there this time of year, with long days and…

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What I made this month: February´11

Simplicity 3503

This post is a wee bit late, but I didn´t have time until now to get somewhat decent pictures for this. I have been finishing off some stuff I have wanted to make for a long time, and I have made some stuff just for the fun of it! First and foremost: I have finally…

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Hepburn/Hepburn project: The Audrey Dress v. 1

First of all, thank you all for the lovely comments on my Kate trousers. I can add to the description of them that they are mighty comfortable as well! When I woke up today, my voice had left me, and my body was aching. As my line of work is to teach people to sing,…

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Vogue 2960 – The Rosie dress

Vogue 2960

I did a wedding job a couple of weeks ago, and the couple wanted a fifties flair to their wedding, so we played old classics like That´s Amore, Mambo Italiano and a lot of Sinatra classics. Just look at Rosemary Clooney in this video. She is fantastic! (Did you know – she was the aunt…

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Summer Essentials Sew-Along: an update

Beignet in White

So, I´ve been away for a while, enjoying the summer in Norway. I have been finishing some more of my SESA- items, but unfortunately not all. I am still working on the swimsuit and the more evening appropriate things. I am almost finished with a knit cardigan, but only almost. The last bit is soooo…

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SESA update and out of office notice.

Hello! Just a quick note to say I won´t be blogging as regularly as I have the last couple of months. I´m staying at this place: It is beautiful here, but the internet connection is fairly slow. Oh well, the lack of internet is compensated with a lovely view! I have finished my capris for…

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Summer Essential Sew-Along: Accessorizing

Crochet fascinator

So far in the SESA I have only published pictures of actual garments. But, I have also been making some accessories to match my items, so I thought I´d show them to you all at the same time. First, there´s the sailboat belt: In my home town there are still some fabric stores that is…

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