FO: Wool Fleece Jacket

stil 2080 pattern vintage

Last summer we went to visit my family who have a cottage on a remote island off the coast of North-Western Norway. This is a place where summer is defined not by temperature, but by availability (the island is more or less unavailable during the winter months because of weather), so bringing some practical garments was…

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The Jacket: Day One

So, part of the reason I have some time on my hands is that I have a headache and a cold and have to stay away from the computer, so I write to you from my iPhone making it short and sweet. Thanks for the encouraging comments, you want to see some progress pics? Here…

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Can I make a jacket in three days?

June is drawing closer, and I still don´t have an appropriate me-made jacket for unreliable scandinavian summers. One of the first things I´ll be doing this June is to visit my parents in law up north in the country. All though it´s supposed to be beautiful there this time of year, with long days and…

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