The princess

Slip pattern Alt om Håndarbeide

Yesterday, we went to two of my favorite stores, IKEA and Stoff & Stil. While IKEA needs no further presentation, I might explain that Stoff & Stil is one of the largest fabric stores in Scandinavia and I usually go there once a year (so this is a major event as you all can understand).…

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>My new hobby

>And so, as I always do when visiting my parents house (and their enormous library of craft books), I have got myself a new hobby. This time it´s quilting that´s got a hold on me.It really is the Sproutz store´s fault;-). A couple of weeks ago, I bought some fabric charm packs, Soire´e by Lila…

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My slippers

> My slippers needed a vacation, or actually, they needed retirement. My lovely, warm, cozy slippers needed a replacement. What to do? Well, I digged out my crafting litterature, and in the Swedish book Do Redo : konsten att slakta en tröja, there they were, my new slippers made by recycling an old sweater. I…

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>Le pantalon rouge!

le pantalon rouge

Finally. Le pantalon rouge is finished! Le pantalon rouge as an idea has existed for quite a while. Anders has been talking about me sewing a pair for at least a year and a half. Then, last summer I found a suiting red fabric at Ohlssons tyger. Did this inspire me to sew le pantalon…

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>Må jo fortelle om dette fantastiske stedet. Dette er förste gang noensinne at jeg har hatt lyst til å dra til Drammen. Har kjört forbi Drammen uendelig mange ganger, men det har aldri fristet å gå av for å ta seg en tur. För nå. Hvorfor? Stoff&Stil. Stoff of stil er nettopp det det höres…

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