FESA FO: The knit pencil skirt

delfinelise, pencil skirt, ponte knit

  Serger Love Imagine that. I have a serger again. My serger broke, slowly but steadily during the winter months, and since February I have been without. When it finally did break all together, I feared it was nothing to be done, so I delayed taking it to the shop, because I was afraid of…

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A FFO: The plaid half-circle skirt.

Remember this post? No? I don´t blame you, it´s been over a year. BUT I´ve finally finished my plaid half-circle skirt! That´s why I call it a FFO – a Finally Finished Project. The irony here is that making a circle skirt really doesn´t take a lot of time. But you know, winter came and…

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FO: Fairtrade pencil skirt.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my UFO post. It seems like most settle on three projects at a time. That sounds sane. I am not going for sane, though. I´m going for chaos! 😉 No, seriously, eleven is a little excessive, but I did actually finish one of them yesterday, as well as…

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An ode to the half-circle skirt.

I don’t write lots of odes here, I reserve that title only for those very special occasions that makes me really entusiastic. In fact, the only other post with that title was written well over a year ago, devoted to Colette Patterns. Excuse my bad posture, but I tried to fit the whole outfit into the picture……

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The skirt that isn´t a Beignet.

BurdaStyle 03-2009-111

It´s high waisted.  It´s got buttons down the front,  it´s knee length.  But.  It´s not a Beignet.  Can you believe it? I wanted to make a A-line version of the Beignet, so I turned to old trusded Burda magazine and there I stumled upon pattern number 03-2009-111. It´s not lined, and it´s only got four…

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The Carl von LinnĂŠ skirt

Vi-mĂśnster 3324

The sun is setting, and the snow is melting outside the tropical greenhouse in Uppsala Botanical Garden. This weeks challenge over at The Sew Weekly was to make something inspired by the town you live in. Now, I live in Uppsala, and apart from having a really old university, a really big (and old) church,…

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What I made this month: January

Ceylon shirt

First of all, sorry for not writing sooner, but I ´ve had a splitting headache most of the week, so I really needed to step away from the computer, and try to do other things instead. Now, you don´t have to feel sorry for me, because it´s all my own fault, not working out as…

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My grand plan: The floral skirt

Quarter circle skirt

Windy outside today, perhaps? Back in May, when I bought the fabric to the Rosie dress, I noticed that the floral print was available in other colors as well. Back then I thought it was a bit over the top to buy it, and let it go. The fabric used on the Rosie dress Turns…

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