My grand plan: The floral skirt

The floral skirt
Windy outside today, perhaps?

Back in May, when I bought the fabric to the Rosie dress, I noticed that the floral print was available in other colors as well. Back then I thought it was a bit over the top to buy it, and let it go.

Meet Rosie
The fabric used on the Rosie dress

Turns out, it wasn´t over the top. In September, when shopping for something completely different, the fabric was still there. So I couldn´t resist it, and I picked up 1,5 meters of it. This time with a navy background. I really love this print. Sigh…

The fabric used on the floral skirt

This time of year is quite exhausting for me, not in a negative way – I love to have a lot to do, but I literally get wiped out after work these days. As after an especially hard workout, or the first bicycle ride in spring after sitting quite still all winter. THAT kind of exhausting;-).  The best way to cure this, is to take things REALLY slow when it comes to sewing. This means I have managed to use FOUR days to make a simple three pattern pieces skirt:-). Tuesday, I constructed the pattern, using hints and tricks from a norwegian pattern constructing book I have (Mønsterforming av Klara Gaarder). I made a basic quarter circle  skirt pattern, placed it onto my 110 cm wide fabric, noticed that the pattern was too big for the fabric, and cut off the excess. Then I stitched the right side seam, and went to bed. Zzzzzzz…

The floral skirt
An awful pic, but it shows the shape of the skirt better then the pics I took outside in the crazy wind.

Wednesday, I thought much and long about my skirt. As I´ve been hearing A LOT about underlining and lining lately, I tried to come to a conclusion of what I should do. Should I make a lining, an underlining, or none? I have also been reading through my 1970s Burda Magazines lately, and really wanted to add some pockets to my skirt. I actually made the pockets, with buttonholes and all. But then, when I tried them on, I decided not to add them. Maybe another time. For now, I love the more sleek finish the skirt has without the patch pockets.

The pocket
One of the pockets. I really love this shape. It is too cool for school – but not for this skirt. Yet.

I came to the conclusion that I didn´t need to either line or underline either, as the fabric itself had such a wonderful drape which  I didn’t want to mess with. I´ll rather just wear a slip or a petticoat underneath it in the winter. For summer I think it can stand on its own. Or rather, drape on its own.

Thursday I did most of the work. I added the zipper, I hand stitched the waistband, added a button and buttonhole and finished off all the seams. Then I let it hang overnight (as one is supposed to do with skirts, I have heard…), and then I hand stitched the hem today. And voila! I have a new 70s inspired skirt in my self-stitched wardrobe. Hurray for that!

The floral skirtThe floral skirt The floral skirt

The Zipper, the Hem and the Waistband (That could be a good book title, like the The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.)
I have actually come to a solution about the black wrap dress too, and it´s finished, I just havn´t gotten around to take any photos yet. I´ll come back to you on that one…

The floral skirt
The skirt leaving.

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  1. Alana on 15/10/2010 at 20:56

    So pretty – I love a good dark floral.
    (Ps. I totally want to steal those beautiful boots, too!)

  2. Sarah on 17/10/2010 at 05:05

    I do love a good rose print. 🙂 The skirt turned out brilliantly – love it! 🙂 Very Audrey, I think 😉

  3. Sølvi on 17/10/2010 at 08:45

    Thank you!

    @Sarah: You think it looks Audrey? I din´t add this skirt to the Hepburn/Hepburn- project, because I din´t think it´d fit, but you are the Audrey expert, so I just might add it to the Flickr group, then! 🙂

  4. Carolyn on 18/10/2010 at 06:36

    That is a lovely print, I’m not surprised you decided to get it in a different colour! And the skirt turned out just beautiful! Do you think you’ll end up using the pockets? Maybe on a another skirt?

    • Sølvi on 18/10/2010 at 22:37

      Thank you! I might use the pockets for this skirt, but change the buttons if I find any that is a bit more neutral. Using them on a different skirt is a good idea, too!

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