What to do with precious fabrics, part 2.

Thank you all for your lovely and supportive comments on my last post. Man, you are a dress loving bunch (as if we hadn´t established that before…:-)). Anyways. I still haven´t decided, but I am giving you, and myself some arguments in favor of  a pencil skirt. I give you 16 reasons for making a pencil skirt:

These are 16 different outfits with a blue pencil skirt paired with tops I own, or have in my sewing que.  Those on queue are no. 1, 4, 10 and 15. The rest of the lot, I already have.

But, as if this isn´t argument enough, I will give you 21 more reasons why I shouldn´t make a dress:

These are summery dresses I already own and love. 21 summer dresses. Do you know what the average high is where I spend most of my summers? 19 C degrees. That is the average HIGH. So you see, 21 summer dresses should be more than enough. Especially since I haven´t counted the summer skirts, shorts and tops. I can do that too, if you want to. And make a pie chart. Because I suspect that it doesn´t add up. I honestly don´t think there are enough warm days for me to be able to wear all of my summer clothing. And this is AFTER decluttering! Geeez- I really am bad at giving stuff away.

Alright, I´ll let you know what I´m gonna do on this one…On another note, I have finally started to make a shirt for my darling. I am using David Page Coffins book Shirtmaking as guide, and Negroni (Colette patterns) as pattern. So far so good. I´ve fitted the yoke and the front. It´s a mysterious methods, but it makes sense!

Now, off to the outdoors, I´ve been inside for a couple of days (feeling a bit under the weather), but today the sun is shining, and I will go for a walk and count signs of spring!

12 Responses to What to do with precious fabrics, part 2.

  1. Oooh, you have some seriously lovely dresses there! Presumably you can layer them with tights and cardis and things to get more use from them? I always forget about that as a possibility! Good luck with the skirt, you have more than convinced me that should be your next course of action!


  2. The shirtmaking sounds interesting. I love it that you made a case for not making a dress. 🙂 Pencil skirts are so useful!

    • You are quite right, Amy. That is such a wonderful idea, I think I´m always ready for a tropical isle! 😉

  3. I love the drawings. A pencil skirt definitely seems to be called for. Your dress pictures made me smile. Do you ever layer your dresses with a long sleeved tee or sweater so they are effectively being a skirt for the day? I am waiting to see your Liesette/ Simplicity 2245 top too.

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