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Refashioning for the tall

Now, I dont know about you, but I have more than once been fooled by the gorgeous pictures on somebody’s blog where they are showcasing a smart and remarkably good- looking garment, refashioned from a men´s shirt. Just as many times, I have become disappointed about the unsatisfactory result when I try to do something similar. Why oh why isn´t the pretty shirtdress working for…

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Some September preparations

September has arrived, and as a preparation for a month wearing me- mades, I decided to make some underthings for myself. After quarreling with my sewing machine for a while, and then clean it, and then quarrel a bit more, I almost got the tension right for sewing zig-zag on knits. Almost. And it still…

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My Baby´s Come Back!

Less than a week a go, my darling came home from a two months long trip abroad. I did go visit him in February, but it´s so nice to have him back! My mission this year is to make him the perfect shirt. He was supposed to get a nice white dress shirt for Christmas…

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