Some FO skirts and pictures from a journey.

If you are wondering about the recent radio silence from this channel, then let me explain why, using pictures.

I went to a city where the ceilings looked like this: IMG_5013

where doors and walls looked like this:


and where cats could be found laying like this:


A place where the food and drinks were delicious:

and where tea could be had while enjoying a view like this :

Did I mention the tiles? Here, I´ll show you some:

Alas though, the trip ended with this:

But not to worry, the medical care in the country is excellent, having an ancient history to fall back on. But because of this injury, I haven´t been able to sew anything after coming home, luckily for you I have some FO´s to show you, namely this BurdaStyle skirt:

and the skirt from this popular Vogue pattern:

Looking a little something like this: 

and this: 

the sweater is knitted using a Danish design, and has a little cute button detail on the shoulder like this:


Now, can you all guess where I´ve been? I´m hoping to be back with more actual writing once my finger has healed.

Until next time: Have fun, and to all of you Americans: Happy voting!




17 Responses to Some FO skirts and pictures from a journey.

  1. Oh, your poor finger! I hope you get well soon. I think you’ve been visiting Morocco. Am I right?

    Your skirts are lovely (the yellow tights are fab!) and I really like your purple knitted jumper.

  2. Wow – your “mini with yellow tights and a purple jumper and a beret” pictures are amazing! fab, fab, fab!
    Sorry about your finger though.

  3. I love the skirts especially the red one…and the jumper too. Your trip looks great – I guess Istanbul!! Hope your finger is healing. xx

  4. Solvi what fab holiday pics, they are really evocative…but also am loving your burdastyle skirt…wow, what a look! And your cute red vogue skirt makes me want to get on with mine too….I do love your colour sense, but then I’ve said that before…gorgeous purple jumper too! Nice and chunky for the autumn

  5. Oh no! I hope your finger gets better soon! Loving your makes, especially the Burda skirt, looks amazing on you!

  6. Istanbul! We went there in June, and had tea in the same place – what a view. Did you like the city? And did you buy any fabric…? I love these two outfits – especially the colours and proportions of the second one. Wow. I hope your finger recovers soon 🙂

  7. Definately my city 🙂 İstanbul. Next time I will be happy to meet and take you to a bazaar that you Will get crazy when you see How cheap and beatiful are the fabrics.

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