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So, here are the nominees for my favorite Internet stores:

1. www.hifa.no

2. www.etsy.com

3. www.stoffochstil.se

4. www.sewingpatterns.com

5. www.spoonflower.com

This doesn’t mean that Hifa is the best and that Spoonflower is least good, they are all fabulous. But a list is a list. And numbers are required.

1. Hifa is short for Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk and it is a Norwegian company that sells the most beautiful yarn and wool you can imagine. You can find the same company at www.ull.no as well. Ull is the Norwegian word for wool. Hillesvåg ships internationally.

2. As for Etsy, it probably doesn’t need an introduction. I use Etsy for stash building; I can spend hours searching through the millions of sellers. Another great way of using Etsy is for buying unique and interesting hand made gifts.

3. Stoff och Stil is in my opinion the best Scandinavian online fabric store on the market. Reasonable prices and a huge variety of fabrics and supplies, makes this store one of my favorites. If you live close to Malmö, Drammen, Bergen, Trondheim, Odense, Aalborg, Århus, Herning or Roskilde, you can visit one of the “real” stores as well;-).

4. Sewingpatterns.com has been a favorite of mine for years. I can always be sure to find the sewing pattern I’m looking for at this place. Many of the patterns are available as downloads as well, now a days. I f you are in a hurry, I mean…

5. Spoonflower. Love it! I have been waiting for something like this forever! And now, that it’s finally here, it’s so difficult to decide what patterns I want to make. At Spoonflower, you can get your own designs printed onto different types of fabric. How cool is that? Mighty cool if you ask me. Mighty cool.

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