Tips for the nautical obsessed: Spoonflower

Okidoki, so I know there is a nautical trend going on right now, and for those who are above average interested in this, I really would like to tip you about the awesome nautical theme fabric contest that is going on over at Spoonflower.

My kimono tee

For those of you who are not familiar with Spoonflower, itĀ“s a place where you can upload your own pattern design and get them printed onto fabric. Pretty cool Ā“ay? You can also browse around over there buying other peoples amazing prints.

I love that place.

This is the only print I have made and used so far, itĀ“s a pollen grain, I used it to make a tote for my sister (sheĀ“s a botanist).

Well. Every week thereĀ“s a themed contest , the themes can range from different animals, holidays, colors, or as for this week: nautical. So if you are wondering where to find that perfect nautical themed fabric for your next project, I recommend you to stroll over there and check out theĀ participants. There are some pretty amazing stuff on display!

Best Ā thing is you can chose the size of the print and the quality of the fabric. IĀ“m mighty impressed. Only downside is that the yardage is a bit pricey inĀ comparisonĀ to commercial fabrics, but when you take into consideration that you can wear/use a fabric that you yourself have designed, the priceĀ isn’tĀ so bad after all!

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