>The Best of 2009. The Products.


Once again, I have been a sporadic blogger, never quite giving up, but my routines are not at all satisfying. But now I have found the answer. Or more correct, answers. I believe that a combination between my new found best friend Things, and the e-book Making a Great Blog, by Diane at Craftypod. If I follow the easy steps Diane lists in her book, and at the same time, log them into Things, nothing could come in my way. Or at least for the next week or so…

Well, I will start my new and improved blog with some lists. Who doesn’t like lists? I enjoy making lists about everything. When I was a little girl I wrote the longest wish lists to Santa, when I grew older, me and my friends made lists about different music we listened to, not only good, bad etc, but also music that would fit different occasions, such as vacation, meditation and for fun. These days Things fills all of my list making needs. All a girl needs in one lovely little program for the Mac. Fantastic.

Well, on to the lists. The first list is short and cute and is full of products that has made my craft- year so much more fun.

Top 5 products

1. Paper-backed fusible webbing. For some reason, I have never before used this – stupid me, off course, this makes everything much more fun. The first project I made with this fab product was this.
2. Iron-on t-shirt transfer paper. This is a project that appeal to the hobby- photo shopper in me. The idea that I can take any photo, graphic or text and fuse it into my textile crafting is very exciting.
3. Linen yarn. Well, this is a classic, but I really love the structure of linen yarn. I mostly use it for tablet weaving, but I have used it some for crocheting as well. The best thing about linen is that it looks better and better over time. The more it is used, the more it shines and glows. Wonderful!

4. Wall decal paper. Another product that appeal to the computerized part of me. What more can I say? I like to customize my home. Who can blame me?
5. Quilt weight fabrics. My new hobby this year is quilting. And with quilting comes all the fantastic Etsy window shopping. Ah! All the fabrics of the world. Cruising in to Etsy is like I was an 8 year old Barbie- obsessed girl who was let lose at Mattel factory.

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