The tale of Vogue 8604

Vogue 8604

These trousers have been on my mind ever since I saw Stitchywitch´s fabolous version. I have been dreaming of making my own for six months. First, I bought a navy blue lightweight wool fabric. I bought too little. This pattern asks for 2.5 m fabric, and I had only got 2 m. Then I bought…

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Hepburn/Hepburn project: The Audrey Dress v. 1

First of all, thank you all for the lovely comments on my Kate trousers. I can add to the description of them that they are mighty comfortable as well! When I woke up today, my voice had left me, and my body was aching. As my line of work is to teach people to sing,…

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Hepburn/Hepburn: The Kate Trousers!

Burda 127- 07-2010

Can you believe it? I have finally finished a Hepburn/Hepburn- garment! I finished the last couple of stitches on my Katharene Hepburn inspired pants today, and managed to take some half-decent pics. It´s so hard to take photos in autumn. There is way too much weather all the time! Anyways. These trousers are made from a…

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