I love word games and puns. And I especially love to make new words out of two existing ones. Might be a teeny-tiny bit dorky, but hey – that is just the way I am… Take the words spring and inspiration. Springspiration.  I am really better at this in norwegian, for obvious reasons, but if I come across one I like, I´m not afraid to use it. Beware!

So what is causing my dorkiness? Well, something as simple (yet ultra- chic and sophisticated) as the spring collection from Badgley Mischka. I won´t give you any teasing images here, the beauties deserve to be seen in their right element. Just hop on over to their homepage and see the awesomeness that lays around there. Ahhh….20´s, 30´s, 70´s, pastels, silks, short lenghts, long lengths, midi, maxi, mini – you name it, it´s all in there. Loveliness.

Here are a random pic of another type of springspiration, although taken last year – I still hope that these lovelies will come around this year too…

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  1. Stacy on 06/03/2011 at 13:43

    I’ve been feeling some springspiration myself lately. The winter months have brought me a lot of work-related stress, and I’ve had no real free time to think about sewing or even reading sewing blogs. The weather is changing now and I want pretty new things! I hope I can find the time to create some new outfits soon. I miss it!

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