>So many projects, so little time.

There are so many things I would like to do! I don´t know where to start, so I thought I´d write about it first, and maybe then I´ll see in what order I will do stuff.

1. The Epoxy is for making one of these cool cakestands.

2. The card is for a good friend I havn´t seen in a while.

3. The chain is for a necklace I want to make.

4. The crepe paper and the pipe cleaners are for some paper flowers I want to make. I think they would be lovely to look at, and remind me that spring is coming closer.

5. The frame is for a good-looking fabric I want to hang on my wall.

6. The ribbons are the finishing touches on a dress and a sweater that I am making.

7. The sketch-book is a gift. I am planning on making a new cover .

8. The acrylic paint is for a paper box I´m decorating.

And these ideas is only small projects, lets not forget all the half- finished dresses, shorts, jackets etc. that are just laying around.

More on them next time…

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