My dress assistant is here!

There is progress!

Wardrobe planning

I followed some of the great advice I got on my previous post (thanks ladies!) and now I have two full bags of clothes ready to be shipped away to new, more deserving owners. Oh joy! There is space in my closet again!

I also came up with an idea to how for get more stuff sorted out. For the coming months, I will try not to repeat outfits s much as possible, and see how far I come. If there still are some items that haven´t been worn (except for my ball gown, national costume and other odd bits and pieces) they´ll have to go!

“But, Sølvi, how are you going to keep track of what you are wearing every day?”, you might ask. And I will answer you with this:

Really, it´s not the exact same program (Clueless being released in 1995), but the idea is the same. Ever since watching this movie the first time, I have been dying to get a hold of a computer program like that. The coolest feature in Cher´s version is that it searches for matches in the closet. Unfortunately, this isn’t included in the software I´ve got. But, still, it is mighty cool anyhow.

What I have got is the excellent wardrobe planner Dress Assistant. Basically, it´s a program that lets you, easily and without any fuzz, upload pics of all your clothes, shoes and accessories, and then you can plan your outfits by the drag-and-drop method. I am still trying out the demo version, but am going for the full version soon. Dress Assistant also keeps track on what I have been wearing lately. Other cool features are that you can take pics directly in the program with your web cam, it´s got voice recognition, you can search and filter your items by weather, color and there´s an iPhone app.

Coolness? Darn right it is.

Wardrobe planning

So, for the coming months I will track my outfits in this magical little program, and then see what have not been used in the end. Let´s have a deadline…hm….February 1st, perhaps? Alright. February it is. Then I´ll have time to make up new stuff for Me-Made-March based on my thorough analysis of my wardrobe rotation during October through January. Alright. Who are with me on this one? 😉

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  1. Ali on 09/10/2010 at 20:09

    Holy crap, that Dress Assistant just excited the techno-geek in me. Wow!

    I’ve loved reading about your desire to de-clutter and the comments. I’ve been on a declutter campaign since the beginning of the summer (bringing a couple bags a month to charity shops), and I have next to nothing in my closet now (compared to most women, that is). It’s liberating and it’s so much easier to get dressed and though I long for more, I have to think really hard about what’ll work (both in sewing projects and thrifted items) given what I like to wear.

    Long way of saying, I’m looking forward to your progress! 🙂 Here’s to a wardrobe that’s perfect for you!

    • Sølvi on 10/10/2010 at 10:37

      @ali: that is so true about getting dressed. Just last night we went to the movies, and without even trying, my shoes matched my hat, and my socks matched my jacket. Just because I have been de-cluttering!
      @alana: I´m really looking forward to playing with my new software myself, I´ll keep you all updated:-)

  2. Alana on 09/10/2010 at 20:14

    Way to go, Solvi! That clueless scene is an absolute classic, can’t wait to see how your ‘dress assistant’ goes.

  3. Kristen on 11/10/2010 at 08:51

    Good job on your closet cleaning, and I can’t wait to see how the Dress Assistant works! I never dreamed anything like that actually existed. I often find myself make the same garment pairings over and over again; it would be nice to have an unbiased ‘mind’ helping me branch out!

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