Howdie, I´m sewing for others!

My oldest niece will soon turn four years old (yikes! how time flies!), and that coincides with her being very much into playing dress-up (as all four year olds…). A perfect coincident for a costume enthusiast like her aunt! So for her fourth birthday I´ve made her a little cowgirl dress. Or, really, it´s more of a country music singer dress, as I am giving her a little guitar as well. Both her parents are big bluegrass and country music fans, so I think this will fit well into their plan of turning their daughter into a country music star (it´s either that or a car mechanic at formula 1 races:-) ).

Little country singer dress aka Simplicity 3680.

The dress was quite easy to stitch up, although the instructions and my sense of logic didn´t quite match when it came to inserting elastics, but it all worked out in the end. I do have a sneaking suspicion that the dress will be a bit big for her, but we´ll see! I´ll let you know in case you are planning on making something out of this pattern as well.

Little country singer dress aka Simplicity 3680.

I used quilting cotton for the bodice and underskirt, and a pair of my darling´s old jeans for the upper skirt. For the cowgirl effect, the pattern called for loopy fringe trim to hem both of the skirts. Adorable!

Little country singer dress aka Simplicity 3680.

All in all, a great pattern, and included in this was also variations for a witch, a pirate, a hippie and a fairy costume. Hurrah for playing dress up!


  1. Ann on 19/04/2011 at 20:00

    Absolutely the cutest little Sherif’s dress EVER!!!

  2. lizajane on 20/04/2011 at 04:41

    Very cute! Great idea for dress up clothes.

  3. Debbie on 20/04/2011 at 08:09

    I love this dress. The fringing is great. My daughter is four next week, I wish you could just whip up a dress for her too!

  4. kristin on 21/04/2011 at 05:51

    i want one!!! that’s adorable and i would totally wear that out!

  5. Robyn on 23/04/2011 at 02:17

    So cute – love the fringe

  6. Sarah on 25/04/2011 at 08:00

    So cute!!!!

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