Happy Pay a Blogger Day!

Last night, while I was catching up on my reader, I was excited to read about a new social micropayment system called Flattr. It was Diane at CraftyPod who wrote about this initiative.

Now, I love initiatives like this, and went ahead and registered myself as a user today. I love the concept of a Pay a Blogger Day. The concept is this, if you love a blog, go ahead and support it, whether it is by supporting them through Flattr, donate to them through their blog, buy something from their online store, or sign up to one of their classes.

Think about it, not only is it all of the creative and inspiring crafty blogs that should be considered, but even the one´s who take their time and effort and make plug-ins for the blogs, and making all the tech work seamlessly. Consider these amazing people too!

So go ahead, and pay a blogger!

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