Film Frock Friday

Nice title ay? As many of us gets inspiration for our creations from the movies,  I now introduce a re-occurring post theme here at my blog called “Film Frock Friday”, where I randomly show you frocks in films. If you have any suggestions about dresses, don´t hesitate to share them!

First out is a comparative study of a frock from the 1954 classic The Last Time I Saw Paris, starring Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson, Walter Pidgeon and Donna Reed, amongst others. Miss Taylor, off course, wears plenty of stunning outfits, but the most dazzling of them all is a ball gown by Helen Rose. Helen Rose is probably most known for designing Grace Kelly´s stunning wedding gown.

Frock 1 Frock 1

But, come to think of it, haven´t I seen something similar. In a contemporary setting. In a movie that has about a million different outfits in it. Oh wait! Yes, thats right, the wedding gown, designed by Vivienne Westwood, that Sarah Jessica Parker wears in Sex & the City 1!

Frock 2

I don´t know what you think, but it seems like Vivienne Westwood´s found some inspiration from the movies herself! That is uplifting news for us more down-to-earth seamstresses. Even the pro´s go to the movies for inspiration.

So, do you know of other “fashion borrowings” like this? Please share! 🙂

Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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