>I like cushions.
They brighten up the living room, they can just as well be pretty as silly, and you can make them out of almost anything. That’s fantastic.

These three cushions here are all made out of stuff I had laying around (except for the velvet, which I bought half a meter of, realizing it is the most old lady-like material in the whole wide world, not including filet crocheted things, but more on that another time).

And to make that clear at once: I LOVE old lady- like things. I love everything about them; the clothing, the home decorating, the way they walk down the street, how they can say exactly what’s on their mind, because nobody cares anyway, and a bunch of other stuff this underrated group of citizens does. LOVE it.

Well. These cushions are more or less a way for me to try and incorporate the old ladylikeness into our living room.

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