How To Make an Hawaiian Quilt.

hawaiian quilt delfinelise

I´ve been working a couple of weeks in a really tiny and small isolated part of Norway this summer, and so I´ve needed a portable craft that I could bring with me. I really do enjoy hand-sewing, so when I came across this Hawaiian Quilting technique on Pinterest, I was sold. There are so many beautiful…

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Refashioning and the finishing of a jacket (or two)

Burda Easy Fashion autumn 2005

Since I came back to Uppsala, I first thought that I was super prepared for SSS. Now that September is here, I see that I have mistaken a closet full of self-made items with a closet full of useful autumn-y clothes. So, I have been doing some refashioning and some finishing of old UFO´s and…

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I really want a new sewing machine… and a serger.

I know, it´s a bit greedy to wish for both a new sewing machine and a serger at the same time, but you see, I´m redecorating my studio/workspace and everything is turning out so lovely, except for the fact that my sewing machine is rubbish. The thing is, I needed a quick fix. And, as…

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>My new hobby

>And so, as I always do when visiting my parents house (and their enormous library of craft books), I have got myself a new hobby. This time it´s quilting that´s got a hold on me.It really is the Sproutz store´s fault;-). A couple of weeks ago, I bought some fabric charm packs, Soire´e by Lila…

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