Are we Beautiful?

I was going through my google reader yesterday, and to my delight Sarah of Rhinestones and Telephones has nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Thanks Sarah! The rules are that I must share with you ten things that you didn´t know about me. Sooo… I must define “you” not to include family and friends, as there would be little left to share;-).

  1. I am a weaver in addition to being a seamstress. I weave with tablets/cards. Tablet weaving is an ancient form of craft, it is known from all over the world, and it is used for making strong and beautiful ribbons and trims that embelish and strenghtens clothing, accesories, tents etc. etc. If you want to, I can write more about this another time. I got into this craft because…
  2. Tablet weaving brikkevev

  3. I work as a museum guide in the summers, at the place where the first town of Norway, Kaupang (built by the Vikings), lay.
  4. A summer day

  5. I also know how to shoot with a long-bow and arrow because of this.
  6. Being left-handed, I know how to write backwards and in reverse.
  7. I have a savant ability when it comes to baking yeast doughs. My doughs always rise. Too cold water, too hot, old yeast, dry yeast. it doesn’t matter. For some reason yeast and I always get along.
  8. I really dislike winter. I hate it when its cold and dark and icy. And my brain work slower in the cold weather. It´s like it is slowly turning in to ice (So why are you living in Scandinavia, you might ask? – who knows…).
  9. Fence.

  10. I have an art opinion that is relative. Meaning, for me, I see no point in discussing quality in wider terms when it comes to art. Art is always jammed in the middle of the creator and the viewer/listener/consumer. And in my opinion, no person can tell another person that their art opinion is bad or wrong. It is only different. It makes sense, however to discuss quality of the craftsmanship of the art. To put it this way, if a beginner seamstress and an experienced seamstress gets the exact same idea for a dress, both ideas and results are equally valuable, although the finished result might differ based on their sewing experience. Or to quote Elvis Costello: ” Writing about music is like dancing about architecture- it´s really a stupid thing to want to do.”
  11. I have a Master degree in Musicology, hence the philosophical babble of post no. 7…
  12. I am terrible at taking choreography.  Although I am a jazz singer and choir conductor, and because of that, I have a good rhythmic sense and feel, I couldn’t take choreography to save my own life. I am extremely impressed by anyone who is a professional dancer.
  13. I am from the same town as Thor Heyerdahl.

Alright! That is a lot of me for one post, but it is quite fun to read these things so hopefully you have survived reading mine as well. On to the nomination! During MMM/SSS I have discovered a bunch of great bloggers, too many to mention! So all the nominees are from that gang:

So, now people, hurry along and check out their blogs!

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  1. quietandsmalladventures on 27/09/2010 at 03:20

    thank you sooo much for the lovely award! my responses are up and thank you for the shout out 🙂

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