Sewing through the decades: Contemporary edition

Lately, contemporary fashion has been on my mind. Not any contemporary fashion, or the “vintage inspired” look that is seen everywhere. No, I am talking about Spanish contemporary fashion. Ever since my darling and I visited the beautiful town of Tarragona back in the beginning of the month, I have been having a crush on Spanish fashion.


Photo from Tarragona, taken by my darling.

It seems to me, and this is purely based on my own personal observations in one Spanish (or should I say Catalan) town, that the Spanish women know a thing or two about style, that I could learn from.

There was a lot of flowy, asymmetrical gorgeous fashion, made in bright, yet warm colors. Maybe it only was me being very receptive to this kind of fashion right now, but I was struck by this, and my autumn sewing will probably be quite inspired by this. It´s like Gaudi´s legacy pervades the fashion. If you catch my drift. If you have more knowledge on Spanish fashion, please let me know if this is all in my mind, or if I am actually seeing something that is real! 🙂

Anyway, all of this has lead to me pulling out all of my Patrones magazines, and this resulted in the making of a simple, black corduroy skirt, with just one asymmetrical pleat. I am also planning  to make some cool corduroy pants, and some flowy tunics.

Patrones Facil no 3


Now, taking a photograph of a black, corduroy skirt with a pleat in broad daylight is not the easiest job in the world, so details might be a bit blurry. But you maybe get the general idea of how this is supposed to look! 🙂

The pattern is from Patrones Costura Fácil no 3. And the pattern number is 57. I shortened the pattern pieces by 15 cm to get the look I wanted.

That´s all for now, see you in September!


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  1. Nice skirt! I love Patrones but is not available in Toronto, where I live, so I always try and pick it up a few back issues when I visit South America where my family lives. And yes, I agree that those Spanish ladies have great style – simple and elegant all at the same time.

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