My challenge 2010

I have always seen myself as a giving person who helps others in need. I am born and raised in one of the wealthiest countries in the world and have always learned to give to those who have less then me. Still, after I finished studying and started working, I find myself in the shameful situation of not giving anything to charity on a regular basis.

I started to wonder about how this could be? The easy way out is to say that I don’t have enough money. But still, somehow I can afford to buy new clothes and shoes and craft supplies. It dawned on me that it is all about priorities.

I like fashion and style. I love to match pieces in my wardrobe so that they create new outfits. The reason I started to sew was to be able to make the designs I saw in my head – but rarely saw in the stores. All this would be good, if it hadn’t been for my gigantic wardrobe that I hardly can fit in the closets and drawers it is supposed to fit into teamed up with my “uncharitable” lifestyle.

I suspect that not all the clothes in my closets are crucial for my wellbeing;-). I believe that some of them could go to recycling and people who need them more than me, without me missing them at all.

So, how should I solve this? The great futuregirl made a challenge last year. She came up with an idea that she was to spend nothing or as close to nothing on one whole year on craft supplies. What an inspiring thought! This is what I should do!

So, for the next year I will try to spend zero on new clothing and accessories. I hope to benefit some different areas of my life with this choice.

  1. I will be more creative – since I can’t buy new clothes, I will have to make them myself instead if I “need” anything new.
  2. Hopefully, I will find what part of my wardrobe I actually use, and the part that is still hanging there unused by the end of the year I will give away.
  3. I will have more money to spend on charity, and I hope to be able to give regularly to my favorite charities.

As with any undertaking of this size, I have given myself some ways out if I find myself in a “crisis”. I can spend money on stuff like hosiery and socks, as this is more easily worn out than other types of clothing. I may also spend some restricted amount of money at thrift shops, because the money goes to charity.

Allright, so then it is all set up. Let the games begin…

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  1. >What a great twist on the challenge! I think it's awesome that you're going to be doing good for yourself and for others. xo!

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