Keeping it cozy.

A backlog of unblogged craftiness is rapidly increasing here at Casa delfinelise. I have another pair of corduroys to show you, I’ve nearly finished a coat, and I have ventured into the magical world of shiva sticks, all without sharing it with you!

What I have been most occupied with though, is knitting. I have made a meter of a Doctor Who scarf for my darling, I´ve finished knitting Wisdom (it still needs assembling), I´ve cast on a new cardigan and a pair of lace gloves. And so today I’m sharing some recent knitting projects that are actually finished, the Woodland Cowl (Ravelry link) and the Tabby Tam. Both are great, well- written projects and the patterns are free!

 Tabby Tam

This is the Tabby Tam and it is a design by Asami Kawa, published in The Fibertarian, and avaliable here. It´s a cable knit pattern, which makes it look a bit complicated, but if you´re familiar with cables, it really is quite easy! I made it out of what was left of the contrasting color from Wisdom, Rowan Felted Tweed in colorway 154 (although I had to buy another skein to finish it).

Tabby Tam

This is the back view, I really find the design quite striking, such a lovely way of utilizing the cable pattern.

Next up is the Woodland Cowl. It literally took an hour. Not much more. So easy! Just 26 stitches in garter stitch back and forth for a while, et voilá! A cowl! I used DROPS Andes for this, and I really loved that yarn. It´s a chunky wool/alpaca blend, and I have already ordered more yarn from my local yarn shop to make this gorgeous smock-top jacket that Kristen has designed. Isn´t it wonderful? I am making my version in a bright red yarn.

Woodland Cowl

Autumn really is the perfect time to knit, don´t you think?


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  1. Ooh, I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with the shiva sticks! I have some oil sticks I’ve used in paintings but I just read recently about using them on fabric. Sounds very fun.

    • Oh, it was so much fun! I´ve tried them on denim and silk, and it worked perfectly for both materials

  2. you’ve made a metre of the Dr Who scarf already? wow super knitter 🙂
    i love the weekend cowl – an excellently timed post as i’ve been trying to decide on a pattern to make for one of my sisters and when i saw this, well its perfect, yay!
    looking forward to seeing the rest of your craftiness!

  3. So, one metre down, about 20 more to go? haha. Love that tabby tam hat, might have to make one myself! hurrah for knitting in Autumn!

  4. Thanks for the Fibertarian link – I had never heard of it. The website looks awesome. Can’t wait to see some of your finished knitting!

  5. I love the hat, the cable pattern looks great. I hadn’t heard of fibertarian either. I agree autumn knitting is great, plus knitting is so portable. I’ve just finished a scarf for my little girl’s nursery teacher, and have started a snood for me! x

  6. Awesome knits! I may just have to cast on for that cowl. Can’t wait to see your Wisdom! My yarn arrived last week but I won’t be able to cast on until after the holidays.

  7. Oooh! I love it. I imagine knitted items are particularly useful in your part of the world and, since they’re made by you, terribly stylish as well 😉 I’m hoping to work my way up to a tam and a sweater.

  8. You’ve been so busy! I am in awe of your tam! And if there was a bet on you finishing your wisdom first, I’d be a winner. But so fast! Youve won the race!! Can’t wait to see it!

  9. Thanks so much for mentioning my website. If I can again gain interest in my little magazine, perhaps I will start publishing again, but at this time, ravelry has allowed everyone to self publish. I am publishing my own work via my website though, and selling yarns and needles. Again, thanks so much for mentioning my site!

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