My grand plan

This is what I am currently working on. Whenever I finish something, I mark it with a big done!-stamp.

Inspiration station

Inspiration station

And here are the results:

SSS: Day 17SSS: Day 25SSS: Day 23SSS: Day 19

Beignet in Blue, Sencha the Dress, T-shirt remakes, The White Easy Top

The floral skirt The Kate TrousersSimplicity 2560The Christmas Dress

The Floral Skirt, the Kate Trousers, the Grey Cardi, the Christmas Dress

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  1. […] Keeping up with no spending. For my challenge, I allowed myself to buy tights, underwear etc., and to get stuff in thrift stores if I wanted to. The only thing I´ve bought so far is some tights (it is after all quite cold here for most of the year) and one wax print wrap-around skirt at the Salvation Army´s thrift store (this is the same skirt I forgot I hadn´t made and that I accidentally wore a couple of hours during September), and another skirt that I am going to refashion (it is part of my grand plan). […]

  2. […] floral tuxedo shirt. Alright, so this project is quite spontaneous. It´s not originally a part of My Grand Plan. Actually, I came up with this last night (I couldn´t sleep then either). It´s from the beloved […]

  3. […] and though it is a lovely material, it tends to be quite warm. So when I sat and sketched on My Grand Plan, I made sure to include a cardigan. And now, I have finished it. […]

  4. Let there be light « delfinelise on 03/01/2011 at 12:59

    […] This is my New Years Eve dress. AKA the Christmas Dress. AKA the oldest UFO in the history of mankind.  Pattern is Burda WOF 125-11-2007, and it´s a reprint of a vintage pattern from 1958. It´s got kimono sleeves with gussets. Geez. I´m glad I didn´t actually try to sew this one up in 2007. Because that would have been a small catastrophe, I´m sure! This is part of the Hepburn Hepburn project and My Grand Plan. […]

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