You can get in contact with me in several different ways. You choose!

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  1. I just had a look at your Pinterest board and saw that you had a picture of the maxi skirt that I made.I am so flattered that you think so highly of it and that you commented so nicely about it… can’t wait to tell my daughter that I have “made it” on to Pinterest!!
    Thank you again…you have made my day!!!


  2. Hello, i love the pattern 2245 lisette you have made. Could you tell me the name of the shop where you bought it because i would like the same!!!
    Mathilde from France (sorry for my english)

    • Hi Mathilde! I bought the pattern at, but I unfortunately, the pattern is out of print. So I guess your best call would be to try on ebay or etsy. Good luck pattern hunting! 🙂

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