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  1. I’m so glad to have found you through SSS flickr group, what a great blog! I LOVE your grand plan and actually had been thinking about doing something like that myself! Very inspiring work, lady! xxKO

  2. i don’t have any tips for how to get rid of things in your closet, mine is crammed full as well. i find if i’m angry about something or in a random “i need to get rid of everything” mood, then i can cull things for at least 10 or so minutes (until i get out of the mood, try things on to see if they fit etc!). oooh and i love love love the ceylon dress!

  3. my best trick for getting rid of clothes: invite a friend or relative over to help (this is ESSENTIAL), then try on EVERYTHING (not all at once), and have this friend/relation be brutally honest with you (pick someone you’re comfortable with as far as being in your undies, so you can quick-change without leaving the room).
    The main rule is: if it doesn’t look fabulous, it goes.
    You likely have stuff you know you already love and look fab in, and those things can be set to one side, to help cut down on time.
    You are allowed to hold onto some not-so-fab items if all they need is alterations, but they must leave your closet and head for the sewing room right away. If they’re not fixed (or missed) in a month or so, those have to go, too.
    If you just can’t stand to get rid of something, because you made it, or you have strong memories, etc, you can keep it, but again, it has to leave the closet and be stored elsewhere. If you haven’t got that sort of space, take a picture, and let it go.
    My sisters and mom and I try to do this for each other once a year or so. Sometimes it’s a couple years in between. Can’t be done without the friend/relation, though. You have to have someone else there to help keep you going, and to keep you from rationalizing too many items that really don’t work.

    make sure you send it all off to charity/thrift stores, of course (after giving your helper their pick, if they wish). even the stuff that isn’t wearable gets used at those places – one near me bundles up their unsold or unwearable clothes and sends them to Africa (usually), where they are cut into strips and woven into rugs, which helps the impoverished make honest money, etc. Win-win.

    • Oh, thanks Laurel! That is a great idea to get someone to help me. Come to think of it, my sister IS the best clutter police I know. Only problem is she lives a 100 miles (european miles) away, so I´ll have to wait for her next visit. If I don´t suggest this as an activity for my sewing group.

      I love the part you added about the stuff that should be fixed. I have ALOT of stuff in my “ixing bin”, and they´ve been there way much longer than a month. So I´ll probably start there. 🙂

  4. I wrote a similar post yesterday! Last night, I filled two bin bags: one bag has gone into my “storage drawer” and contains my summer clothes; the other contains items for the charity shop. Once I got going, it wasn’t too hard. I still think I need to be more brutal with what’s left and intend to strike again tonight. I also know that I ought to edit the summer bag a bit more, but at least it is out of sight for a few months! One thing I would say: try to do your editing in daylight – then you can identify the items which need to go because they are past saving due to fading / bobbles etc. I feel quite refreshed! P.S. There are some interesting comments appearing on my post you might like to read.

    • Oh, that´s so funny that you did that too, must be the season?
      And the part about daylight, is soo very true.

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Tagging the home

Today´s little craft project was inspired by this idea over at design*sponge. I printed out some letters on decal paper and cut them out and hung them on the refrigerator. “Mat” means food in Norwegian.This could come in handy if I ever get so hungry I forget where the food is… Continue Reading…

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>My crochet cardigan

> So this is another project I´ve been working on. I started on this in august. And I´ve had a rather outdrawn break from it a while now. I have been more in a sewing mood than a crochet mood lately. That is a great thing about crafting, you never get tired, because there are… Continue Reading…

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  1. I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

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My challenge 2010

I have always seen myself as a giving person who helps others in need. I am born and raised in one of the wealthiest countries in the world and have always learned to give to those who have less then me. Still, after I finished studying and started working, I find myself in the shameful… Continue Reading…

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  1. >What a great twist on the challenge! I think it's awesome that you're going to be doing good for yourself and for others. xo!

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>I want spring!

>Dear Spring, where are you? We need you! As I wait for warmer and brighter days, this crepe paper flower reminds me of what is to come. Instructions are to be found here, as mentioned earlier. Continue Reading…

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>Allright, so this has nothing to do with crafts, but I came across this article about cooking, and it is hillarious. In Norwegian, I´m afraid. But still. Lots of good tips for the amateur chef. Continue Reading…

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>My grandmother´s dress

> This is the first of the projects I want to finish this year. This two-piece dress is a treasure to me. My grandfather’s brother was a sailor. He sailed the Seven Seas when it was still a grand adventure and when everyone in my coastal hometown had at least one man of the sea… Continue Reading…

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>So many projects, so little time.

>There are so many things I would like to do! I don´t know where to start, so I thought I´d write about it first, and maybe then I´ll see in what order I will do stuff. 1. The Epoxy is for making one of these cool cakestands. 2. The card is for a good friend… Continue Reading…

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>Top shop(s)

> So, here are the nominees for my favorite Internet stores: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. This doesn’t mean that Hifa is the best and that Spoonflower is least good, they are all fabulous. But a list is a list. And numbers are required. 1. Hifa is short for Hillesvåg… Continue Reading…

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