Toulouse Pullover

Just a short and sweet post, as I am excited to tell you I finished knitting another sweater! This is the Toulouse Pullover from the Knitscene winter 2012 edition. I fell in love with the style while browsing through my sister's copy of the magazine, so I decided I had to make it. One E-magazine bought on iPad later, and yarn bought specifically for the project, I cast on and knitted a new sweater just in time for spring.

I used Dale yarn's Lerke, a 50/50 cotton- wool blend. Love it! The pattern is easy to knit, and easy to adjust as it is knitted top- down. I can truly recommend it!


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  1. Gorgeous jumper! I think having to knit the long ties for the bow would have completely finished me off before I had even started but it looks so beautiful and stylish it would be worth the effort.Cheerful colour too!Well done!!

    • Thanks! I was indeed very happy that the tie was the first thing to knit, while the joy of a new knit is still fresh. I doubt there would be a tie if it was the last thing to knit,:-)

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