The tale of Vogue 8604

Vogue 8604 trousers

These trousers have been on my mind ever since I saw Stitchywitch´s fabolous version. I have been dreaming of making my own for six months. First, I bought a navy blue lightweight wool fabric. I bought too little. This pattern asks for 2.5 m fabric, and I had only got 2 m. Then I bought another navy blue fabric, this time a linen with pinstripes. Somehow I managed to get too little fabric one again. Then, in October, I made a muslin. Full of anticipation and with a whole new library of sewing books, I lengthened the crotch line, thinking I did a great job. I even tried the muslin on, and thought it looked good.

Vogue 8604 trousers

Doing my best sailor pose…

In November I got a hold of a light mustard colored twill fabric, and this time I bought enough fabric! I cut out the pants, following my new pattern pieces, only to discover, when I tried it on, that I looked like a clown. My pattern adjusting skills were´nt all that I thought them to be…

Then, on sale, after Christmas, I thought to myself that; one more try – I ´ll give them that, and so I bought a charcoal gray lightweight wool fabric with red pinstripes. I used the original pattern pieces, only adding 8 cm to the length, stitiched them up, and finally – they fit!

Vogue 8604 trousers

I didn´t have a gray zipper, so I though a red one was fun!

Hurrah! I love them! They are super comfortable, chic, and in this color they have a somewhat 40´s vibe, I´m thinking about one of the outfits that the leading lady (played by Mélanie Laurent) of the film Inglorious Basterds wears when she is at work at her cinema. Anyone who knows what I mean?

These trousers definitely fits into my Hepburn/Hepburn- project wardrobe, and I´d love to make another pair for the summer, maybe in a navy blue linen, a white (underlined) linen or why not in red?

Vogue 8604 trousers

What I have learned is that, even though there are many pattern alterations one can do, I really don´t need to do anything else than add to the length on Vogue trousers patterns!

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  1. These trousers are LOVELY! They are so flattering on you. I would love to make a pair of high-waisted trousers, but I think they would make my body look to short – shame :(. Yours look so cute with the skinny belt, and the red zip is such a fun pop of colour!

  2. Hi the trousers look great on you, I agree they have a definate 40’s vibe. I actually bought that pattern yesterday. Have you made the jacket yet?

  3. Oh yes – those are lovely! I was reading this and thinking 2.5 metres sounded like an awful lot of fabric for trousers, but of course they are high waisted and cut in one piece – duh!

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