The move. Part two.

Hello all, I hope you are enjoying yourself whatever weather and temperature. I´ve not been sewing anything yet, but I thought I´d share some images from the move with you today. We´ve moved in, I have realized that I have a stash WAY out of hand, a friend of mine is the new lucky owner of parts of the stash, and I will treat you guys to some of it as soon as we´re all settled in. So stay tuned! 🙂

The first cup of coffee on my new balcony. I got the cup as a farewell gift from one of my choirs. Such a pretty color!


Some yum cilantro/coriander, all eaten by now…

The Dolly Shrine

The Dolly Shrine aka my sewing space. 


My jewelry wall. I can thank Pinterest for this wall, that´s for sure! Oh, and there´s three drunken octopuses who wants to fight you too…

See you all around!



8 Responses to The move. Part two.

  1. Go the Dolly Shrine! The new place sounds great – I always really enjoy the move to a new place – always so full of possibilities 🙂

  2. The new home looks lovely – I like the daily shrine and jewellery wall. I hope you are settling in okay. Does this move mean a new job? If so good luck with that too. x

    • Thanks for the concern, Zoe! I´m well, just been busy settling in to my new home and town! 🙂

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