The Jacket: Day One

So, part of the reason I have some time on my hands is that I have a headache and a cold and have to stay away from the computer, so I write to you from my iPhone making it short and sweet. Thanks for the encouraging comments, you want to see some progress pics? Here is how far I’ve come:


I mentioned yesterday that there only were 8 pattern pieces? Yes, that is right, but all of them are duplicated made as lining as well. Oh, well. I’ve cut our evereything and most of yesterday’s sewing time went to make the pockets. They are constructed as welt pockets, byt with a zipper insert. The instructions were quite clear, though and they went together surprisingly well. Today’s task: attatch the hood, sleeves and front zipper.


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  1. Soldier on! Well done, especially given the physical challenges. It looks great, lovely zippered welts (one day I’ll brave them…) keep us updated! (And have some miso soup, it’s great for colds.)

  2. It is looking so good. I love the red/blue combination. This is the kind of jacket I need for our english summer! Good luck. x

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