Tamanegi- Kobo Heather: Peace!


Well, as part of my MMM- pledge, I promised myself to blog about the things I wear that are previously unblogged so here we are, my first installation.

There is not much more I can say about my love for the Heather, this is my fourth version, and it probably won´t be my last. What I did differently with this version, of course, is to paint a big peace sign on it.


Fabric: from last year solo- excursion to Goldhawk Road, it was litteraly the first place I visited in London after leaving my bag at the hotel. Obsessive… I am not certain about what this type of knit is called, but it is per preferable fabric for the Tamanegi- Kobo. I´ll show you a picture of the wrong side of the fabric, maybe someone can enlighten me of the name of this type of knit?


Fabric painting: I didn´t use a template this time, instead I used plates, washi- tape, a pencil and a brush. I just traced around the edges of plates in different sizes, and around the edges of the washi- tape, and then the painting could commence. I used textile paint for dark fabrics for it to show properly.


Can´t say anyting else than that I am happy with my make, I use this top quite a lot, as it is easy and fun, and works with many different colors. I made it last autumn, and I would love to make more textile printed Heathers.


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  1. I love the grey tee with red skirt – a great combination. The Heather looks very versatile. Your skirt reminds me to get out my green version of that Vogue pattern 🙂 xx

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