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Why not try and make a plan and then stick to it?

sewing plan delfinelise

the making of a plan I went through my yarn stash recently. Since I no longer knit much (because of some neck/back issues), I thought it wise to free up some space by letting go of some of my yarn. That felt really good. So this morning I went through my fabric stash. Now, not…

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Sew Dolly Clackett – My Contribution.

delfinelise, sewdollyclackett

I met both Roisin and Nic once, last year while visiting London – both terrific people. So when I learned the news that they were getting married, and that Sarah would host a Sew- Along, the excitement was pretty big. Sarah – you are a genius (and thank goodness you didn´t quit blogging all together)!…

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Cutting fabric for more than one project at a time.

Since I spent most of my sparetime yesterday cutting fabric, I was curious if anyone else does that too? Cut fabric for more than one project at a time, that is? Yesterday I cut out six projects, two dresses, two skirts, and two shirts for my darling. I think it´s a good way of saving…

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Where´s my stash at?

I was trying to make a pair of shorts the other day, and I thought that I MUST have some appropriate fabric in my stash. After all, shorts doesn´t take that much fabric! I did find some fabric for my shorts. I also found the insight of the necessity of going through my stash. Again. A little…

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Autumnal sewing plans

When Sarah, Alessa and Ali announced a Fall Essential Sew Along, and doing so by using alliterations like Fashionable Foundations for Frosty Weather  and Chic Chemises for Cool Climates, I knew I had to join. Now, I am trying to keep the selfish sewing limited, so I get more time to sew for others, but some things…

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Stash bustin´: an update.

Hi there everyone, are you enjoying June so far? I´ve been away a lot, unable to access internet for long periods of time, and whenever I take a glance in me RSS feeder, you´ve all managed to produce 250 new blog posts. Phew! There is a lot of activity going on, that´s for sure!  …

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So, what´s next?

Last years challenge was an eye-opening experience for me, and over all, I think I did good. But I am really just now beginning to take control over the hardest part, and that is the desire for new things. Ali, of the wardrobe, reimagined, wrote a insightful post about this topic all the way back…

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Score! It seems that my favorite local fabric shop could sense that I´d just bought a serger, because when I went there today, just to pick up some fabric for Christmas presents, there were a myriad of cute knit fabrics in the discount department! So I brought some of them home with me. Some are for me,…

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